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The CMOS battery is used to preserve the TIME and DATE when the EPC is not connected to a power supply. Occasionally this battery will fail and have to be replaced. This procedure can be completed in the field, reducing downtime and with minimal risk. Roos Instruments recommends changing the CMOS battery every 5 years.

Replace the "CR2032" from any local or online supplier. (NOTE: Some EPC system boards may require a different battery type, confirm before replacing.)

To check CMOS Battery:
  1. Look for symptoms of the system clock not being accurate or "CMOS battery failure" notice at startup (See Figure 1)
  2. Shut down the tester, switch OFF according to the System Shut Down Procedure. This will remove power to the EPC and the system time will be powered by the CMOS battery.
  3. Unlatch EPC from infrastructure and wait for 30 seconds. This additional step is not necessary, but will confirm infrastructure power is not being supplied to the EPC.
  4. Latch EPC to infrastructure.
  5. Make sure the monitor is powered ON.
  6. Start tester by switching to START then releasing to ON.
  7. If the "CMOS battery failure" notice appears (see Figure 1) or if the system clock is not correct (often reset to Jan 1 2010 or later), then replace the CMOS battery.
  8. Even if none of the symptoms appear, consider replacing battery if the EPC has been deployed for longer than 5 years.

To replace CMOS Battery:
  1. Shut down the tester, switch OFF according to the System Shut Down Procedure.
  2. Disconnect cables from EPC TIM.
  3. Remove the EPC TIM from the Infrastructure.
  4. Follow instructions for Opening a TIM.
  5. Locate and Replace the CMOS Battery. Properly dispose or recycle the lithium battery according to local safety guidelines.
  6. Close the TIM, dock to infrastructure, reattach cables and turn the system ON.
  7. Confirm that the "CMOS battery failed" error screen does not appear.

Figure 1: CMOS battery failure


Figure 2: Example location of the CR2032 battery location in EPC TIM

Figure 3: Example replacement CR2032 batteries.

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