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The system software loads the configuration and calibration information before operating the RI ATE System from the tester icons in the "RiApps\testsys" directory. To get to the Testers window, click on the Message Window Test menu and select Testers. The currently selected configuration is represented by a red tester icon.

Activate the Tester

Now select the desired tester by clicking the Right Mouse Button (RMB) on the tester and selecting Activate or double click the Left Mouse button and it's icon will turn red, denoting that it has been successfully selected.

Start Up the Tester

From either the tester Icon, RMB pop up menu, or from the System pull down menu pick on the Message Window, select Startup. This will cause the system to query all the RIFL nodes and determine what devices are connected, then upload device firmware and perform a self test on each device. The results for these operations are displayed in the Message Window.

Active Hardware Mode

When the startup is complete and all the self tests pass, the system displays the percentage of expected life remaining for the mechanical switches in the various system components. The startup window then states when the next system calibration is due (every 6 months) and announces that the tester is in Active Hardware Mode.

Simulation Mode

When the startup does not detect the presence of any RIFL nodes it enters into simulation mode and simulates the startup procedure. It then announces that the tester is in Simulation Mode and turns the background color of the Message Window yellow.

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