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RF ATE System
Basic Training Seminar

The objective of this seminar is to provide Operators, Maintainers, and Test Engineers, the information needed to operate the CASSINI Automated Test Equipment (ATE) in a production environment, handle daily troubleshooting tasks, perform routine system maintenance, calibrate Test Fixtures and Device Interfaces, design efficient Test Programs, debug Test Program operation, and perform correlation to the ROOS RF/Microwave ATE System.

Each Chapter is arranged to progress through the topic, but the in class presentation will jump around, introducing elements from different chapters as they make the most sense to a developer working with the test system.

The manual is available online at http://roos.com/manuals (user account required for access)

Cassini Basic Training Chapters

    1. Cassini ATE Systems and Operation and Troubleshooting
      The first chapter introduces the ROOS ATE system’s design philosophy, typical hardware and software. Topics about the ATE system operating in a production environment, and interfacing to handlers.
    2. ROOS System Administration and Maintenance
      This chapter leads you though administration of the ATE system, Production Test Execs, and covers routine system maintenance and verification.
    3. Basic Test Plan Concepts
      Topics include the creation and execution of a basic RF Test Plan and the displaying of the test results.
    4. Science of RF Measurement
      This chapter reviews the fundamental math and science needed to understand RF measurements and explains the performance characteristics of ROOS ATE.
    5. Device Definitions
      Covers the Protocol Aware "Device Control Editor" and Integrated "Device Connections Editor" applications used to customize the test system and related software objects to the device to be tested.
    6. Example Applications Development
      Use all your new knowledge to develop a complete application for specific example devices including a Test Fixture, Device Interface, Test Plan and Production Test Exec.
    7. Test Fixture and Device Interface Definitions and Calibration
      The topics covered include Test Fixture and Device Interface ( DUT board ) design, definition and calibration with discussions of calibration methods and several of the standard example Test Plans.
    8. Test Plan Design and Best Practice of Test Plan Optimization
      In this section, the entire test plan development process is reviewed with an emphasis on best practices of Test Plan design and optimization techniques.
    9. Application User Guides
      Specific user manuals for each application. (Review)
      Reference material.

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