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The software of the Roos Instruments Cassini tester is based on the powerful Guru object management system which keeps all of the calibration data for the tester. This product note shows you how to access this calibration data and view the data for different paths in the fixture. You may view any of the fixtures in the Guru database, you are not limited to the fixture currently on your Cassini tester.

Step 1: Activate a Test System

Make sure you have a tester activated. Whether you are on a physical tester or a simulated one, you must first activate a test system. If you're on a simulator, you will need to choose a tester manually. The test system is activated for you automatically if you are on a real tester.

Step 2: Choose a Fixture

Choose the fixture you want to inspect. The fixture is chosen manually by the "Test/Fixtures.." menu selection.

This menu opens a dialog which lists all of the fixture calibration data stored in Guru. Choose the fixture you want to inspect.

Step 3: Inspect the Fixture calibration data

Open a view of the test system. First press the "System" button on the main window, then choose the "Tester" button on the pop-up window.

From the view of the test system, choose the Fixture instrument.

Then select the menu "Instrument/Calibration/Inspect"

Step 4: View the calibration for each path

From the Fixture calibration data viewer, you may select any of the fixture paths and inspect the calibration data. First select a path of interest.

From the menu choose "Calibration Entry/View" to see the cal data.

After choosing a "Rectangular" view, you should see a standard data viewer such as this one:

NOTE: To view a different fixture, choose a new fixture from the main window menu "Test/Fixtures..." and repeat the steps. If you are on a physical tester and you perform any action that causes the system to "reset" the tester, it will re-load the calibration data for the fixture currently on the tester. Such actions include: compiling a testplan, running a test executive, or doing a tester "reset" from the main window.

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