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Set up Handler Bins

    • Choose "Soft" and "Hard" bin for each Named Limit
    • Rank sets Priority (first limit reached)
    • Hard bin is the sort value sent to the Handler

Use the "Bins" tab on the Test Executive. The window allows for setting of the actual handler hardware bins as well as RI software bins. These software bins allow for more granular characterization of the test data pass and fails on a test or group of test basis.

Handler Configuration
  • Handler cable wiring
  • Handler Pod defines unique settings for a handler
  • Signals exchanged by handler and tester
    • Start Test
    • End Test
    • Bin Part

Cassini systems use plug-and-play Handler Interface Pods, configured by RI. These Pods contain a programmable ASIC that handles all the timing and signal level control to interface the system to any handler. RI supports many Handler Manufactures and we can always program a custom Pod for your handler. You will need to contact RI Support and furnish us with the handler programming manual to program the Pod at the factory. Some current supported handler manufacturers include: Atrium, Delta, Rasco, Multitest, Sekio-Epson, Soya, and Synax.

The wiring of the Handler Pod to the handler is the responsibility of the customer which is usually a custom cable that can contain some pull up resistors to supply digital control logic that is powered by either the Tester or the Handler for isolation reasons. Most handlers have an opto-isolator built into the tester interface that needs to be connected to Tester power through the interface cable. (see typical wire diagram at the end of the lesson)

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