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This document describes the requirements for adding Low Band Attenuator Cal to the RI8587A RF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver w/DSP. The calibration will need to be run to apply new cal values to measurement.

IMPORTANT: Low Band Attenuator functions within specification without this patch or cal. This calibration improves performance beyond specifications.

Minimum Requirements
RI8587A TIM in the Configuration
Patch 293. - Support for Low Band Attenuator Cal in Short Cut
Service Plans "Ri8587A Low Band Attanuator Cal Src1 TH" and ""Ri8587A Low Band Attenuator Verify Src1 TH"

To integrate these features, import the required .GZP and then modify your Cal List to include these two items. Contact [email protected] to get the required .gzp.

Open the current list, append these two service plans after the last "Ri8587A" entry, then save as a different name, appending "87LBA" to the Cal List Name. Open the new list from the System object on the Configuration window, then select Tester > Save from the main system window.

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