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RI Guru Server runs on Linux SuSE 10.0, or xUbuntu 14.4. The scripts below are only for SuSE based installations.

Use traditional SysV init script (copy to your /etc/init.d/ folder), should have execute access owned by root (Note: user "riguru" should be created and program installed in home directory)

  1. make sure guruServer is installed properly (Product DocsGuru Server Install & Setup Instructions)
  2. copy the above file to /etc/init.d folder as "root" user (if not root, "su - (enter root password)", then "chown root:root /etc/init.d/guruServer")
  3. run "chmod 0755 /etc/init.d/guruServer"
  4. run "chkconfig -a /etc/init.d/guruServer" to symlink to init.d folders
  5. run "ln -s /etc/init.d/guruServer /sbin/rcguruServer" to create admin service command
  6. To start guru server: "rcguruServer start", to stop "rcguruServer stop" and it will start automatically whenever the system is restarted.

If you are using KDE and start the system in runlevel 5 (graphical). For the settings, we have setup the system to automatically login a user and start the Guru process.

How to setup the Auto-login process.

1. Click the 'K System' menu, and select Control Center (YaST) (you will need 'root' access to run this program).
2. Select the 'Security and Users'
3. Select 'User Management from the list displayed
4. Select the user you want to auto login (RI will set this to be RiGuru user)
5. Click the 'Expert Options...' and select the 'Login Settings'
6. Check the 'Auto Login' box and click the OK button
7. When done, click the 'Finish' button of the YaST window.
8. The next time the system controller is rebooted, the user will be automatically logged-in.

How to autostart the RI Guru process

1. Login as the RiGuru user
2. open a Konsole window
3. type 'cd .kde' or if the directory does not exist, create it first by typing 'mkdir .kde' followed by 'cd .kde'
4. type 'cd Autostart' or if the directory does not exist, create it first by typing 'mkdir Autostart' followed by 'cd Autostart'
5. create a symbolic link to the RI Guru startup script: ' ln -s /home/RiGuru/RiApps/guruServer/init.sh .'
6. The next time the RiGuru user is logged in, it will start the RI Guru Server process automatically.

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