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It becomes necessary at times to provide a DC Offset to the Differential output of the Differential I/O module. The following procedure will describe how this can be done without providing an external board to do this.

  1. Configure the module for the Single Ended Voltage in / Differential Voltage Out configuration omitting the installation of R20, R22, R26, and R30. (see: RiK0015A I/O Buffer Single-ended Voltage to Differential Voltage Out Configuration)
  2. Strip and pre-tin one side of a 8" jumper wire for each intended power supply to be used in controlling the offset voltages.
  3. Solder the jumper wire ends to the pad sites for R20, R22, R26, and R30. Use the pad sites for these resistors that are closest to H1. The actual offsets are controlled by the voltage applied to pin 3 of U1, U2, U3, and U4.
  4. Connect the other side of the 8" jumper wire to the DP pin intended for offset control.

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