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Follow the procedure below to save the results (log) of a Cassini Cal Exec that is opened from the Tester > Calibrate menu. Similar to saving Diag log, but since the Cal is run as separate selected sets of cal data, the Results > Save to Guru menu (or Results > Save to File menu) will have to be performed after each validate has passed and each time the Cal data is saved. Unlike the Diag Exec where it is feasible to Run > All and have the results show everything. This is because the results in the log window are cleared every time Run > selected menu is selected.

Please reference the Product DocsCassini System Calibration Procedure for details on requirements, setup and specific steps required. This is a modification of step 2 under the Performing the System Calibration heading.

To Save Cal Exec Results:
1. To prepare results data, from the Calibration Exec window, select Options > Show All Results.
2. Run targeted calibration/validate plans, select the next set of rows based on model and then choose Run > selected. (Always run the validate plan for every calibration plan.)
3. Follow operator prompts to complete calibration and validate plans.
4. To save the results to Guru, choose Results > Save to Guru. The results are saved as an 'RiTesterCalLog' object, with the tester's name as the title, and the current date/time. To save the results to a text file, choose Results > Save to File. Select the file name and path (i.e. "D:\Shared\cal_mm_dd_yyyy.txt") and press OK.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 in groups of 4-6 until the last entry is reached.
6. When done, use the Guru Browser to export a ".gzp" file with all the recent the RiTesterCalLog objects or copy the files to a USB drive or shared network folder. (See Product DocsImport, Export, & Recover Files with Guru Browser)
NOTE: Be sure to safely eject the USB drive (lower right corner) before physically removing it from the system controller (EPC).

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