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The purpose of this document is to describe the BASIC assembly steps for the Cassini fixture styles (Cassini 8 and Cassini 16).

Bottom Plate:

These Basic steps are for the same for Both Cassini 16 and Cassini 8

1) Attach the four feet and the two actuators to the bottom plate with 6-32 x 5/16” screws:

2) Assemble two sandwich mounts on each side cover with the following parts:
              • Shoulder bolt 8-32 3/16 DIA 1.25L SS socket head
              • Upper and lower Spring (.30 OD .75L)
              • Sandwich mount
              • Nylon liner in shoulder bolt hole
3) Slide the assembled side covers under the bottom covers and attach with button head screw(8-32x1/4", SS). Also, be sure to add the ground cable to one corner. Also place a #8 split lock washer or star washer between the button head screw and the ground cable. Attach ground to side cover with 4-40 x ¼” SEMS screw. On the Cassini 16 this is attached to the fixture side upper side cover end with an extra long 4-40 screw and 4-40 nut.

Cassini 8 Assembly:

Cassini 16 Ground Cable Assembly:

4) Screw assemblies to the bottom plate with 8 each 4-40 X 1/4".

5) Attach the carrier board (Y00065A3) containing appropriate pogo pins to the top plate (MER2651A) with 4-40 x ¼” sems screws (M6J2JS1A). Then attach the top plate assembly to the bottom plate assembly using the two 4-40 x ¼” 100° screws (MFFW391A), which will also be used for swiveling the top plate. Keep these screws loose, so the top plate can swivel; however, tighten them once shipping the fixture or using it in a production environment.

6) The two standoffs (MGZ88J1A) are used as a lever arm and support when the fixture is in the open position. In order to close the fixture, remove the support standoff and then lower the top plate by the lever-arm. After closing the fixture, the support standoff can be returned to the same hole location from which it was removed.

7) Attach the DC harness blocks (GGGHA02A) with 4-40 x 3/16” screws (MC7SVE1A) and a little bit of LOCTITE to the bottom plate. Also attach RF blocks (RIK0103A) using the same screws (MC7SVE1A) and add cables to suit your configuration (Refer to "Bottom Plate Assembly Resources - Cassini" for different configurations).

The cables connecting the sources and receiver to the RF resources are the 4” #12F-#12F (RIK0102A). The blue coax cables shown below are the #12F-MCXM, which come in two different sizes: 18” (RIK0101A=Qty.6) and 12” (RIK0100A=Qty.6 – Not included).

      The DC harness attaches to the carrier as shown below. Be sure the labels and sequence of wires are in the correct order:

8) When it is time to ship the fixture or time for production, finish off attaching the top plate to the side panels with the rest of the ¼” screws (M573SZ1A), as well as tightening the two 100° pivot screws installed earlier in Step 5 (MFFW391A). Clamp (RIK0094A) and DUT board NOT included.

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