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Sometimes it is required to define two calibration paths for the same DutRF and Test Head RF connections. In the example below the test engineer desires to provide two calibration paths between DutRF2 and RF2.

By using the Mode field in the Software Fixture Definition this can be done.


1. Define the DUTRF2 to RF2 path in the software fixture as you would normally do so. Keep in mind that you have two SPDT switches between the two fixture points. In this case both switches can be controlled by one CBIT. For our example we will use CBIT 1. By assuming that we will connect the thru path using the normally closed position on the switch then the switch control string = XXXXXXX1 as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

2. The DUTRF2 to RF2 through the attenuator path control string = XXXXXXX0 as shown in figure 2.
Figure 2

3. While defining the separate paths simply type in the mode designator. For the thru path "Thru" was used and for the attenuator path "Atten" was used. Once the path is defined it will appear in the Fixture Path Definition window as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3

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