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Guru Server may display "MISSING MxESTa11 in esta" instead of "Cancel" button during Login (see Figure 1). This value is based on the "local" (language specific) and fixed by correcting the "nlspath=" valyue in guruServer.ini file.

Win Guru is typically installed in the Users' home directory - %HOMEDIR%\RiApps\guruServer VAST91\.

To Fix NLS Path in guruServer.ini:
    1. If GuruServer app is running, close it by choosing System > Shut Down. (Logon if necessary)
    2. Open File Explorer to %HOMEDIR%\RiApps\guruServer VAST91\
    3. Open guruServer.ini
    4. Choose Edit > Replace to change "C:\Users\NUC_Windows_10" to "C:\Users\<Your User Dir>" (replace <Your User Dir> with your actual user folder)
    5. Choose File > Save.
    6. Choose File > Save As and give the file the name guruServer.ini.bak to preserve these changes after a Guru Server app upgrade.
      IMPORTANT: This procedure will have to be repeated after each Guru Server app upgrade since the guruServer.ini file is located in guruServer.zip and is unzipped before launch. After following the Guru Upgrade prompts, copy the guruServer.ini.bak over the newly refreshed guruServer.ini file.
    7. Launch Guru Server, Logon and the button should now show "Cancel". (See Figure 2)

edit paths in \RiApps\guruServer\guruServer.ini:

Figure 1: MISSING MxESTa11 in esta - invalid path in guruServer.ini

Figure 2: Cancel button - valid path in guruServer.ini

Example 1: .ini with user C:\Users\NUC_Windows_10

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