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DRAFT: This document is still being modified by the author. Any information here is subject to change.


1) Select one main contact person to receive and load patch notifications from RI.

2) All patches will be posted on the RI FTP site and notification sent via email to the primary contact.

3) Patch releases are designated by the main software version and then a revision number. (For example "18-5").

4) Roos Instruments will provide short (1 - 2) sentences of documentation within 24 hours of releasing a patch.


5) Prior to starting the download process, select one of the test systems to be used to check the new software. Select a test fixture, a DUT interface board and connect the test system to the appropriate handler. Select a set of parts that represents normal usage of the test system. Run the Production Test Plan on that set of parts. Save the data in CSV format. Verify the data is normal for these parts and testplan.


6) Disconnect the selected test system from the GURU network to guarantee objects and files in the new software patches will not be loaded on to any other test systems.

7) Download the software patches.

8) Using the same set of parts as in Step 5, run the production Test Plan using the same test system, test fixture, DUT interface board, socket, and handler. Save this data in the CSV format.

9) Compare the CSV data collected in Step 5 with the CSV data collected in Step 8. There should not be any appreciable differences. If there are differences, contact [email protected] for assistance.

RI recommends that you repeat this procedure for each substantially different device being run in production.

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