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Diagnostic plans look for hardware problems in the test system. They are, in theory, independent of calibration. However, if the calibration is completely wrong, it can cause diagnostics to fail.

Note that the diagnostic list also includes verifies. This is to encourage you to run all the diagnostics and verifies before calling us for help.

Also note that the diagnostics do not stop on a fail.

Each TIM has a set of Diagnose and Verify testplans that are designed to identify problems with the specific configuration of TIMs. A special interface fixture is required to perform the diagnose/verify testplans.

Note: This is not a complete list. The Diagnose list will vary depending on the tester's configuration.

RI8581A_Verify Receiver: Checks the receiver's detectors and IF gains
RI8581A_Diagnose Rec Filters: Checks the bandwidth and rejection of filters in the receiver
RI8545B_Diagnose LNA IP3: Measures receive path IP3. Note: Most failures on this test are, in fact, path loss problems, not IP3 problems
RI8545B_Diagnose Noise Reference: Checks the internal noise reference
RI8545B_Diagnose Noise Source &
RI8545B_Diagnose Noise Floor: Checks the noise source and the noise receive path. Note that these can fail if receive path has too much loss.
RI8545B_Diagnose Ports: Checks that signal is getting to the ports and that they are a good match
RI8545B_Diagnose Receive Attenuation: Checks the receive attenuator’s relative attenuation (receive attenuator is in the test head.)
RI8545B_Diagnose Relays: Checks that signal is getting to the ports and that they are a good match
RI8545B_Diagnose Switch F,G,H,I: Checks the coaxial switches in the test head for through loss and match
RI7725C_Diagnose Source1 & 2:Checks the sources produce RF properly
RI8577A_Diagnose 1&2: Checks the source1/2 combiner's switches and attenuators

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