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Download a ZIP file of PDFs for this Seminar - http://www.roos.com/web/cassini-v1.4.zip (75 Mb)

This is a 5 day seminar, combining class room training with hands-on experience with in-course labs. This basic course is a prerequisite for the advanced training courses that cover diagnostics or application development and fixture design. The major topics of this training seminar are covered with a consideration of role as Operator, Administrator, or Test Engineer.

Day 1 - The first day is spent introducing the RI platform to Operators, Administrators, and Test Engineers.

    CH 1 -Cassini ATE Systems, Operation and Troubleshooting

      The first chapter introduces the RI ATE system’s design philosophy, typical hardware and software. Topics about the ATE system operating in a production environment, interfacing to handlers, and routine troubleshooting are covered.

    CH 2 - RI System Administration and Maintenance

      This chapter leads you though administration of the ATE system, Production Test Execs, and covers routine system maintenance and verification.

    CH 3 - Basic Test Plan Concepts

      Topics include the creation and execution of a custom Test Plan and the displaying of the test results.
Day 2-4 - The focus changes to understanding RF measurement and hands on lab with the test plan editor. Learn to interface the device with the test system resources from the Fixture to the Device Definitions. These days are spent watching live demos and working hands on labs.

    CH 4 - Science of RF Device Measurements

      This chapter is a basic RF measurements concept review and all around primer for understanding RF measurements.

    CH 5 - Device Definitions

      Covers more advanced software concepts, features and how to use these tools.

    CH 6 - Example Applications Development

      Use all your new knowledge to develop a complete application for specific example devices including a Test Fixture, Device Interface, Test Plan and Production Test Exec.

    CH 7 -Test Fixture and Device Interface Definitions and Calibration

      The topics covered include Test Fixture and Device Interface ( DUT board ) design, definition and calibration with discussions of calibration methods and several of the standard example Test Plans
Day 5 - Wrap up of test plan design and best practices and explain how to diagnose issues and perform a complete system calibration.

    CH 8 - Test Plan Design and Best Practice of Test Plan Optimization

      In this section, test plan development is covered and then discuss best practices of Test Plan design and optimization techniques.

    CH 9 - Application User Guides

      We finish with a detailed review of each application. Mostly used for reference.

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