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The Cassini16 Container is a ArcaOS based OS with minimal GUI and an application which launches Short Cuts and User Apps that runs with Oracle VirtualBox. The VM has been configured to interface with the host OS so that the D:\ drive is mounted to the User's home directory's "Cassini-D" folder.

Oracle VirtualBox Keyboard Shortcuts:
  • HOST key is mapped to the Right CTL key on the keyboard by default.
  • HOST+C Scaled mode toggle. (Allows for resizing of the container desktop, but will distort aspect ratio).
  • HOST+F Fullscreen mode toggle.
  • HOST+A Adjust Window Size
  • HOST+ESC Display VBox Manager Menu
  • HOST+R Reset OS
  • HOST+Q Quit (Power Off)

Restart VM From Power Button:
  1. Restart the OS by choosing the Power Button in the lower left corner, choose Power off then OK.
  2. Double click Cassini16... icon on the desktop to launch the Container.

Restart VM From Close Button:
  1. Choose the close window button (X in upper right corner) of the Cassini16 Container window.
  2. Choose Power off the machine and choose OK from the Close Virtual Machine prompt.
  3. Double click Cassini16... icon on the desktop to launch the Container.

To Set Container TimeZone (Local Time):
  1. Choose System Setup from the right mouse button menu.
  2. Choose Clock Synchronization settings icon.
  3. Choose Change... button in the Timezone section.
  4. Choose Country and Region from the pull down menus and choose OK.
  5. Choose OK to close the Clock Synchronization Settings window and OK to confirm the restart required notice.
  6. Restart the OS by choosing the Power Button in the lower left corner, choose Power off then OK.
  7. Confirm the correct local time is displayed.
    (Note: The time is set by the host OS and will not be affected when the "system time" is changed from within the container. For this reason, Synchronization in the container should remain disabled. )

Enable Shared Clipboard:
  1. From the container UI, choose HOST+HOME key to display the VM menu. (See Figure 1)
  2. Choose Devices > Shared Clipboard > Bidirectional menu to enable or Disabled. Shared clipboard is helpful for copying and pasting between the host OS and the Cassini application.

Enable Short Cuts After Logon without Restarting VM:
  1. From the container UI, left click on the background and press the BACKSPACE key.
  2. Double Click on RI folder in Drive C.
  3. Double Click on vBoxApps.cmd to open a command window with the number 1 followed by a blinking cursor. If it is running, the vBoxApps.cmd icon will have hash marks (diagonal lines) in the background.
  4. Close the window by clicking on the Close icon in the top right or choosing Close from the task icon menu in the upper left. The hash marks will disappear from behind the icon.
  5. Double click the vBoxApps.cmd icon to launch the app.
  6. The window will automatically minimize to the desktop after a 3 second countdown.
  7. The Short Cuts and User Apps button will activate on Guru. If it does not, follow the steps to Restart VM From Power or Close Button.

To Open Drives (Presentation Manager):
  • Left click on the Desktop and press BACKSPACE key on the keyboard or choose Open Parent from the right mouse button menu.

To Set Default Close Action to Power Off:
  • Open a command prompt and type the following to set the default close action. Replace <Container Name> with the name of the VM, like "Casssini16".
    "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" setextradata "<Container Name>" GUI/DefaultCloseAction PowerOff

Fix Red Cassini Background (RIFL Communication Failure):
  1. If the Cassini application background changes Red, this indicates that it is unable to communicate with the USB RIFL Master. Root cause could be the VM networking, USB RIFL Controller software, USB Drivers, or physical USB cable connection to the Remote EPC USB TIM.
  2. Check the USB cable between the system controller and the Remote EPC USB TIM. If it is disconnected, reconnect, wait up to 5 seconds and perform a System > Equip > Startup to initialize the connection.
  3. Most reliable way to re-initialize all 3 layers is to reboot the Cassini container and Host OS. Choose the Red X on the Container and select Power Off. Then choose Win > Power > Restart or System > Restart. If the UI is not responding, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to power off the System Controller.

Figure 1: HOST+HOME > Devices > Shared Clipboard > Bidirectional

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