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When Guru Sync Agents are note configured to matchOn ri.sys.Obsoleted=true, the Sync Util App can be used to sync Obsoleted objects from the remote Guru. An Obsoleted object can remain visible if it has been copied to the local Guru but no longer visible on the server because it has been Obsoleted. For example, if a specific UserApp was launched on a Cassini tester but then later obsoleted, it will remain visible on the list until launched again, where it has the chance to get the update from the server and removed.

WARNING: It is possible to clone the entire Guru Server to the local Guru, possibly filling the local disk and loading the guru server for a very long time. Please use this tool carefully.

To Sync Obsolete Objects:
    1. Choose Apps > Sync Util
    2. Connect Guru B to AMN Guru server (aka backup) and Connect Gurus
    3. Choose Filter Compare
    4. Set Key 1 to ri.sys.Obsoleted=true (optional) and Key 2 to ri.sys.ObjClass=RiUserApp.
    5. Choose Compare Gurus
    6. Choose Sync Up below any columns with entries.

Figure 1: Sync Util

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