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Roos Instruments RI7100A and CASSINI RILF Pods use proprietary RJ-45 connector called "RIFL II" that may be mistaken for a standard ethernet network cable. The cables themselves and the connectors are identical to a shielded network cable, but the pin locations are different and NOT compatible.


Never connect a network cable to a RIFL II port or a RIFL II cable to a network port. NETWORK PORT MAY BE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED!

  • The length of the cable IS significant. Roos Instruments guarantees its cables up to about 14 feet (4.28 meters) per segment. There could be timing issues with longer cables.
  • The cable MUST BE a "shielded" RJ45 connector with CAT-5 cable (or better). You can see if it is shielded by looking at the end connectors. It should have metal on the sides of the clip that plugs into the equipment. If there is only plastic, it is unshielded.
  • NEVER connect a RIFL cable to a standard LAN (computer network), especially one with Power over Ethernet (PoE). RIFL carries two pins of 48 volts DC current and may damage any network equipment it connects to.

NOTE: Cassini uses RIFL III to RIFL II cables for PODs that communicate with GPIB/parallel/serial Handlers, Probers and AUX Instruments. DO NOT plug this cable into a network port.

RIFL II - Shielded RJ45 connector example


Do NOT plug network cables into these ports. RIFL II ONLY!

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