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This guide is intended to help an Administrator with preparation, setup and maintenance for the Cassini platform that includes a Guru Server, Cassini System Controller (EPC) TIM and the Virtual Workstation (VirtualBox).

Reference the "Cassini Basic Training Manual" for details on designing test plans, configuring Fixtures and Handler/Prober. The "Maintenance Manual" for maintenance and calibration procedures.

Cassini ATE is designed to maximize speed and reliability by operating instruments at maximum efficiency. Each instrument uses a fully calibrated path to the DUT with advanced temperature and drift prevention technology. Each modular TIM can be quickly swapped in the field to maintain high reliability and minimize downtime. The TIMs can be combined to provide multi-site scalability without compromising performance. The Fixture provides robust connections to the simplified DUT Interface Board that is only 2 layers for improved debugging and RF performance.

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Roos training courses offered: Basic, Advanced Application Development, Advanced Fixture Development and Advanced Diagnostics. The Advanced courses require the Basic course to cover all prerequisites.

General Product Information
Available online at www.roos.com as a Product Catalog with links to Product Documentation
Cassini Administration

CH 1: Introduction
Overview: Goals, Implementation, Capabilities
RI System Software Network and Data Integration Guide
RI System Software - OS Hardware Compatibility
Roos System Software - Security and Anti-Virus
CH 2: Install Guru Server, Controller and VM
Guru Server - Recommended & Minimum System Requirements
Edit .CSV with OpenOffice.Org on eComStation
Guru Server Install & Setup Instructions (VirtualBox & Linux)
Guru Enterprise Server Configuration Options

Guru Enterprise Server Planning Checklist
Guru Enterprise Server Rack Uncrating Instructions
System Controller Exchange Overview (EPC TIM)
Guru Enterprise Server on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS Configuration Procedures
System Controller Exchange Checklist (EPC TIM)
Install Guru Server on Xubuntu LTS
Guru Server on Microsoft Azure (Ubuntu)
Virtual Workstation - Recommended & Minimum System Requirements
Virtual Workstation Install & Setup Instructions (VirtualBox)
Screen Resolution with Virtualbox (Cassini Virtual Workstation)
CH 3: Network Configurations
RI Update Guru Network Preparation Guide (guru.roos.com)
TCP/IP Settings for Guru Server
TCP/IP Settings for System Controller & Virtual Workstation
Connect to Guru Server with Guru Address Book
Remote Access System Controller EPC with VNC
Enabling FTP Server on System Controllers
Install FTP Client on System Controller (or Virtual Workstation) to access FTP.ROOS.COM
Connecting to a Shared Network Folder (SMB)
Adding a Network Printer to eComStation (LPD or CUPS compatible)
CH 4: Maintaining Guru Systems
Guru Admin Applications
Backup & Recovery (System Controller and Virtual Workstation)
Backup & Recovery (Guru Sever)
Virtual Workstation - Initialize/Recover Guru ID
Missing Touch Interface (menu instead of buttons), New Guru ID
What is my Guru ID?
Guru Server Upgrade Procedure
Import, Export, & Recover Files with Guru Browser
Restore, Sync, and Log Guru Systems
CH 5: Software Update Management
Operator Guide to Using Cassini (Software)
Software Revision Control
Test Program Release Models
User App Manager User Guide
What is a .GZP file?
Update Manager User's Guide (Short Cuts)

CH 6: Test Data Management
Transfer Datalogs Using Guru Agents
STDF Reconstruct Agent
Package Executive Management (Data Expiration, Handler Bins)
STDF Customization (with ED Launcher)
CH 7: Users, Groups, & Permissions
Guru Log-on Privilege Types
Initialize Guru Domain & Create Users
Manage Users with Guru Users Admin
Creating and Editing Guru Permission/Categories
CH 8: Troubleshooting
Monitor Error and Warning Messages
Software Startup Failure & Recovery
System Software Errors & Recovery
Fixing Guru Connection Issues (Yellow System Button), DHCP Monitor in eCS
Out of Address Space Error
Update Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers with MPTS to support TCP/IP
Use Grub Rescue to Repair VirtualBox Guru Server After OS Update
Replace CMOS Battery in EPC
How to recover eCS *.INI files
LCD Monitor Adjustment (ELO Touch monitors)
CH 9: Automation Management
Remote Test Exec control via System Message (SM)
Cassini Software Evaluation and Release Process
Cassini Network Integration Checklist (Pre Ship Questions)

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