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When importing large digital patterns, the default 512 MB RAM available to the Cassini Virtual Workstation (.ova) running with Oracle VirtualBox may not be sufficient when launching the Digital pattern tools. Increasing the Base Memory to 4GB allows larger pattern files to be imported into Guru for use with Cassini testplans. Any java-based Guru application, like the Digital Vector Import and Digital Logic Analyzer, can use all available memory available to the VM, unlike the Cassini application which is limited to just 256 Mb as an 8-bit application. ArcaOS is a 32-bit operating system and is limited to 4 GB of RAM. As long as the host OS has 4GB or more of available memory, common for modern workstation, all 4 GB can be allocated to the VM for use. Follow the steps below to change the Base Memory configuration of the VM.

To Change Virtual Machine Base Memory:
1. Power off the Cassini Virtual Workstation by choosing Close > Power Off.
2. From the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, choose the Cassini Virtual Workstation and choose Machine > Settings.
3. Choose System on the left and enter 4096 Mb in the field to the right of Base Memory slider. (See Figure 1)
4. Choose Ok to close the settings dialog.
5. Start the VM by choosing Machine > Start > Normal Start. The Cassini Virtual Workstation and all Guru Apps will have 4 GB of RAM to use.

Figure 1:Cassini VM Settings > System > Motherboard > Base Memory

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