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If a source is failing it's diagnostics it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Please Contact Roos Instruments and follow the replacement procedure:

1) Turn off the system power, open the back of the rack and remove the AC power cord from the unit.

2) Carefully disconnect the RF output cable (and the10 MHz reference cable on RIFL1).

3) Carefully remove the RIFL lines and protect the ends of the cables.

4) From the front, remove the rack mounting screws and slide the source forward out of the rack.
NOTE: The source is very heavy, (26 Kg) so please be very careful in moving and shipping.

5) Contact Roos Instruments to receive an RMA number and schedule a repair.
(see the RF Source Packing Instructions included for the approved method of shipping a source to RI for repair)

6) To reinstall reverse the above procedure.

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