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The RI System Software provides a vehicle to program the Static Digital resources into "Single-button" control of a DUT via a Parallel Bus. This can be set up to allow descriptive names for the parallel bus states.

To Create a Parallel Bus:

1.) Select the DUT object

2.) Right Click and select Parallel Ports

3.) Select Add, and this Panel will appear: Fill it in with the appropriate data:

4.) In this case the Port is named "Gain Mode". It is set up to be two bits wide. Select "State" type.

5.) We then need to map the appropriate DB line resource to Parallel Port line.

6.) Then establish a Default State, When complete select OK.

7.) Upon completion of the Parallel Port definition. A DUT object will be created in the DUT>Dut Serial/Parallel Port

Attached is an example dut with the above parallel bus

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