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Attached are 2 drawings detailing space requirements for a Roos System. Additional environmental information is available in the RI Operating Environment Guidelines document.

General Characteristics

System Footprint
The RI 7100A test system offers the smallest footprint available in the industry. It consists of a single System Rack with an extendable RFIC Test Head, and a System Controller. The system rack is 1698mm (66.9 in) H, by 600mm (23.6 in) W by 900mm (35.4 in) D. The System Controller occupies approximately a 2' x 2' x 2' space.

A typically configured RI 7100A test system is 550 lb( 250 kg).

AC Power Requirements

The RI 7100A test system is factory built for 115V operation (standard) or 230V operation (option 030A).

The RI 7100A test system consumes less than 20 amps total, and requires three line receptacles for AC power. The system rack requires one 20 Amp line receptacle. The system controller requires one standard line receptacle and the monitor requires one standard line receptacle.

The test system does not require any special plumbing or gas connections.


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