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User Roles

Each user is assigned a "Role" when created. These roles are used by Guru and Cassini to limit visibility to Apps, Program menu and Test Execs. Users along with Groups help define how much the user can see and access on the system. Use Group and Permissions to limit access to specific objects with the Category or Permission attribute and 'Role' to change behavior of applications, limiting features or changing how the UI operates (i.e. prevents access to Calibration menu options). An Administrator uses the Guru Users/Groups Admin application to create and change users and groups.

Note: "Roos Inst" user has a "debug" role that exposes many internal features that are not intended for use by the end user. Please do not use of this user unless advised by Roos Instruments. Due to enhanced debugging capability, test time may be negatively impacted.


Cassini Access Allowed

Guru Access Allowed


Run Test Execs (ONLY with status=released)

System > Test Execs, Check, Messages

System, Short Cuts & User Apps


Edit & Run Testplans, Run Test Execs, Edit Test Execs, View Database, Manage Database, Calibrate Fixtures, Diagnose System, Verify System Calibrations, Edit Wafers, Edit Program Code, Debug Program Code, Edit Fixtures

System > (all operator) + Tester, Equip, Test Objects, Svc Req, Handler

System, Apps, Short Cuts & User Apps


Edit & Run Testplans, Edit & Run Test Execs, Calibrate System, Calibrate Fixtures, Diagnose System, Verify System Calibrations

System > (Same as Engineer)

System, Short Cuts & User Apps



NO GURU LOGON, Only Guru Users Admin App

The roles are assigned when a user is created using the Guru User Admin tool. Only users that are a member of the "Admin Group" are allow to create and modify users.

There are 5 roles defined for users and one for RI Personnel. Below are how they are defined:

Operator - Limited access to only "released" status "Test Exec" menu to run production
Engineer - Unlimited access to entire test systems: test plans, fixture definitions, DIB configurations, etc.(read & write)
Maintenance - Access to calibrate and diagnose the test system (read only)
PermAdmin - Permission Administrator. Can Add or Remove Permissions. Can NOT log into Guru.
admin - User Administrator. Can Add or Remove Users and Groups. Can NOT log into Guru.
debug=True attribute is for RI only. Access to underlying code for debug and upgrading feature sets. Adds inspect to every menu and extra logging (aggressive vs pessimistic)

Figure 1: Guru Users Admin > User Details > User Role

Figure 2: Operator - Cassini Window (Only System Menu)

Figure 3: Maintenance - Cassini Window ( -Program ) Menu

Figure 4: Engineer - Cassini Window (+Program) Menu

Figure 5: Operator Roles Cassini > System Button Actions

Figure 6: Engineer/Maintenance Role - Cassini System Button Actions

Figure 7: Cassini Options Menu (Disabled Operator)

Figure 8: Cassini Test Menu (Enabled for Engineer)

Figure 9: Cassini System Menu

Figure 10: Guru Operator/Maintenance vs Engineer

Operator & Maintenance (Apps Disabled): Engineer (Apps Enabled):

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