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The RI8535 Digital TIM is a 100 MHz digital stimulus and measurement system that has an internally shared parametric measure unit.

This PMU can be used as a 4 quadrant power supply for currents less than 2 mA.
It supports measurements such as continuity and leakage in single or batch modes.

Below is an example of how to implement a continuity measurement:

Opening the connections from the Digital TIM's engine to pins 1-5, then connecting those pins to the PMU, forcing current on all 5 digital pins 1-5, while measuring their voltage.

Below is an example of a leakage measurement:
This time connecting the PMU and forcing voltage while measuring current

For very low leakages, in the nA range, The Measure Mode should be low current with minimum (1 or 2 ) averages.
This mode does an auto zero before each measurement...It takes time (8 mSec) , but can be required.

These same measurements can be ranged across an entire pin bank for simple batch measurements


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