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Follow the steps below to initialize a newly built PowerAmp instrument by importing current cal data.

See also Product DocsInstalling and using a Power Amp with the RI8603 Generic PA TIM

To Import Cal Data for a new PowerAmp instrument RI8603A TIM:
    1. Choose Short Cuts > Lateset Dev to lauch the Cassini application.
    2. Attach the new RI8603A Generic PA TIM and perform a System > Check. Confirm that the PowerAmp TIM appears in the configuiration.
    3. Choose System > Tester to open the Configuration window.
    4. Left click on the PowerAmp instrument and choose Calibration > Import from the right mouse button menu.
    5. Choose Yes on the Please Confirm > Are you sure prompt.
    6. Left click on any serial number to highlight it from the Select Cal Data for Ri8603A prompt and choose select.
    7. Immediately choose Calibration > Calibrate and run all required calibration plans. Alternatively, choose Calibration > Save to save the current cal data to Guru.

To initialize Wear Factors:
    1. Log on to Guru with Roos Inst user credentials.
    2. Choose Short Cuts > Lateset Dev to lauch the Cassini application.
    3. Choose System > Equip > Nodes to open the Equipment Pool window.
    4. Choose Pool > Control Modules to open the Module Browser window.
    5. Select the PowerAmp Instrument and choose Node > Edit Wear Factors.
    6. Accept the default values and choose OK.
    7. Choose Node > EE Save Node Info to commit the max count to the internal TIM's non-volatile memory.
    8. Close the Module Browser and Equipment Pool.
    9. Perform a System > Startup (confirm OK) and monitor the Message window to confirm wear levels are accurate.
    10. Wear Factors have been initialized.

Figure 1: Configuration > PowerAmp > Calibration > Import

Figure 2: Please Confirm

Figure 3: Select Cal Data

Figure 4: Instrument > Update Wear...

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