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3M Grey Bumpons are used to provide physical support to modules mounted in the TIM carriers can chemically break down and melt, causing oily residue to cover the inside of a TIM. This is not caused by thermal issues and does not affect measurements but can leave an oily residue on the TIM Latch or when docking to a Prober, on the Testhead. The RI part number, "M814BC2A Bumper, Round .14" Tall" with 3M part number SJ512-Grey is used to prevent the module from becoming loose from vibration or shock while being transported by securing the module stack against the inside of the TIM case.

URGENCY: Low (Investigation is ongoing, this may change if necessary)

Corrective Action
If oily residue is detected inside the TIM, on the Testhead or in the TIM Latch, contact [email protected] to get an RMA to replace the defective Bumpons and clean the TIM.

Identify Good Bumpons

Identify of Melted Bumpons

Root Cause
Statement by 3M has been requested. The apparent root cause appears to be a batch produced in a new 3M factory that got the chemical formula incorrect.

Affected TIMs:
TIMs manufactured between June-2008 until Oct-2016 may be affected, QTY 1,120.
Not all Bumpons in a TIM may need to be replaced since sub-assembly boards may have been assembled prior to the June-2008.

RI8508, RI8521, RI8535, RI8545, RI8546, RI8546, RI8563, RI8564, RI8567, RI8577, RI8581, RI8594, RI8596A, RI8536, RI8548A0, RI8589

Affected Boards:
Y0005BD1, Y00070E1, Y00024H1, Y0002EB1, Y00070C5, Y00070C8, Y00070DA, Y00070DC, Y00070DD, Y00070E2, Y00070E3, Y00070E4, Y00070E6, Y00070E7, Y00070E9, Y00070EB, Y00070ED, Y00070EF, Y00070EG, Y00070EH, Y00070EJ, Y00070EK, Y00070EL, Y00070EM, Y00070EN, Y00070ER, Y00070ES, Y000BMA6, Y000BMA7

3M_SJ5012-Grey Datasheet.pdf3M_SJ5012-Grey Datasheet.pdf

3M Product Information:

Resilience, ASTM-D2632,0.125" sample 30%
Dielectric Strength, ASTM-D 1000 volts/mil
Flammability Listing UL-94HB UL Recognized
Service Temperature Constant: -30°F (-34°C) to 150°F (66°C) Intermittent: Up to 225°F (107°C)

1) Natural Rubber (R-30) - Used in the construction of 3M™ Bumpon Protective Product Series SJ-5000, SJ-5500, and SJ-5700, this high tack adhesive provides excellent initial adhesion. The adhesive has the capability of providing excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including many low surface energy surfaces such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and powder coated paints. This adhesive system shows reduced shear properties at elevated temperatures.

Environmental Exposure
Colored and transparent 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products are intended for interior applications where resilience and other physical properties will remain unchanged. When exposed to UV light for extended periods some slight discoloration or yellowing may occur. Bumpon products may be used outdoors in a protected area with some discoloration possible; colored Bumpon products may chalk. Simultaneous exposure to high humidity and temperature may degrade (soften) the Bumpon product urethane.

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