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Roos Instruments recommends that the following Preventive Maintenance Procedure be carried out regularly to keep the Cassini System operating at peak performance.

1) Perform the regular (daily) Maintenance: Visually inspect all of the Microwave connectors between the Test Head and Fixture. Look for any physical damage, bent pins or fingers, and contamination such as dirt, metal flakes, etc. Also check the physical interface between the Fixture and Handler for signs of wear.

2) Connect the Calibration/Diagnostic Fixture to the RI Test Head using the guide pins in the RI Test Fixture to align the Calibration/Diagnostic Test Fixture with the RI Test Head. (Note: The "RI Logo Arrow" should point towards the RI manipulator tower.) Four alignment pins protruding from the Test Fixture guide the assembly together, changing the Fixture Align light to green. Move the Fixture switch to "Latch" to lock the Fixture to the RI Test Head, guaranteeing the correct RI mating pressure between the Fixture and the Test Head.

3) Perform the "System Verify Procedure" for each TIM, listed by Model number. From the Cassini window, press "System" button, then "Tester" to open the configuration window and select "Diagnose" from the "Tester" menu. Choose the appropriate configuration from the list that matches the current arrangement of TIMs and press "Select". Now select the verification Test Plans and choose "Run", "Selected". Follow any on-screen instructions, making sure the connectors are properly seated in the diagnostic fixture. This will verify that the system is meeting it's calibrated performance specifications. If there are any failures, rerun that specific Diagnose, document the failure, and request service.

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