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Accelerate RF Test

System Radio Frequency Core
  • Real-time measurement with FPGA-powered DSP
  • Dual-channel, complex digitizer
  • Ultra linear, precise syncrodyne receiver
  • Sub-mirosecond frequency lock with 100 μHz precision

Microwave TIMs incorporate ROOS Instruments proprietary SyRF Core technology, providing unparalleled measurement speed and unmatched test accuracy beyond 80 GHz. The innovative universal-channel vector RF architecture enables functional microwave test for a wide range of applications.

Coverage from Megahertz to Milimeter Wave

Frequency Range

Universal Functionality

  • Multi-port S-Parameters
  • Modulation & Demodulation Tests
  • Distortion Measure
  • Spectral Analysis


  • Sub-microsecond frequency lock with 0.1 mHz precision
  • Ultra linear, ultra precise synchrodyne receiver
  • Dual-channel, complex digitizer
  • Real-time measurement with FPGA powered DSP