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Ken Hansen
Ken Hansen
Freescale Chief Technology Officer

Did you know that Freescale delivered the world’s first silicon based pressure sensor for automobile engine control in 1980? Thirty years later, we are continuing this path of innovation by introducing the first fully integrated tire pressure monitor system. This System-in-a-Package senses the outside world through pressure, inertial, temperature, and battery life sensors, providing intelligence with an embedded microcontroller and software, and communicating to other systems through integrated RF and LF radio transceivers.

With more than one billion sensor units deployed in the field, Freescale continues delivering sensing firsts to the market. A recent automotive example is the 77 GHz radar silicon germanium (SiGe) integrated chipset—the most advanced SiGe on the market for active safety through collision avoidance. In the consumer market, Freescale is fueling the interactive video game revolution by deploying motion sensing accelerometers in the “Guitar Hero” series of games since 2008. Today, we’re innovating to make tomorrow’s products easier to use, arming them with embedded multicore processors and seamlessly integrated hardware and software with sensing support for up to 10 degrees of freedom.

Learn more about how our innovations in automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and multi-market applications can turbo-charge your solutions and, quite literally, add a human touch.

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