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RI announced multiple additions to its two year-old modular Cassini Automated Test System adding to its available Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) .

is a new rack-less test system that allows 16 instruments to be used with the manipulator, system control software, and handler/prober interface for under $50,000 at zero pin count with Cassini RF systems starting at $300,000. The highly integrated Cassini16 provides nearly zero footprint when used with pick and place handlers or standard probers while offering single-site and multi-site test capabilities.

Simultaneously, RI is introducing additional Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) for its entire Cassini line. Each tester can be configured with multiple TIMs providing true parallel or shared resources based on device needs and cost targets.

High Speed, High Density Digital TIM
- RI is now shipping a TIM with up to 120 pins of 100 MHz per pin capability. Multiple HDD TIMs can be included per tester providing over a thousand high speed digital pins. The HDD TIM resources can be configured to provide bulk vector, scan, digital IQ as well as high speed parallel bus technology under software control. When combined with RI's existing A/C TIM, the HDD TIM enables Cassini to provide full test coverage of SOC, SIP and module based communications devices.

6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM
- A compact, low cost RF solution for cellphone, WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, and FM device or module testing in a single TIM.

6 GHz Ultra Low Phase Noise Source and Vector Measure TIM
- A single TIM offering -135 dBc @ 20kHz offset phase noise at 2 GHz and general source and vector measure functionality up to 6 GHz.

Windows Driver Emulator TIM
- This provides a Microsoft Windows® PC TIM designed to support the test of standard PC based radios that require a Windows driver for operation.

These instruments extend Cassini's device coverage to include front end modules, mmWave (60, 77 GHz) devices, military radar, multi-radio SOC, SIP, mini-PCI radio cards and RF MEMS.

Cassini16 will be on display at the RI booth #330 in the South Hall of Semicon West 2009. Please contact Steve Devino at 603-867-6843 for more information or send email to [email protected]  

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