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Technology leaders address ultra high frequency device testing with 77 GHz integrated high-speed production-ready solution

Roos Instruments, Inc. has provided Freescale Semiconductor with the world's first 77 GHz integrated high-speed ATE production solution. The production system consists of two new mm-wave Tester Instrument Modules (TIMs) that are additions to the RI7100C RF ATE System and a jointly developed blind mate Ultra High Frequency Test Fixture.

"While there has been some interest in past years in frequencies above 20 GHz, the recent advances in process technology combined with the imminent high volume applications in automotive radar and multimedia communications have accelerated the need for a high-volume manufacturing (HVM) test solution,” said Mark Roos, CEO of Roos Instruments. “Roos Instruments' expertise in this area combined with our configurable HVM platforms enable us to offer a truly production-ready solution."

“Roos Instruments’ 77 GHz integrated high-speed ATE test solutions provide our fabs with an advanced production capability as we move into volume manufacturing of radar sensors based on silicon germanium (SiGe) technology,” said Dragan Mladenovic, an operations manager for Freescale’s Sensor & Actuator Solutions Division. “Freescale is actively developing radar sensors for vehicles equipped with collision avoidance radar systems, and we are collaborating with Roos Instruments to enable high-level quality radar products designed to enhance automotive safety.”

According to Strategy Analytics, over 2.3 million cars will be equipped with collision avoidance radar systems by 2011.

The new Roos Instruments modules enable developers to extend the general-purpose coverage of either an RI7100C or Cassini test platform to 40 GHz and to provide banded source and vector measurements up to 110 GHz.

Currently shipping modules include:

RI8563A 20-40 GHz TIM is a single slot module that extends general tester coverage from 20 GHz to 40 GHz. Each TIM provides a source/receive port plus a receive-only port. Source power up to +5 dBm with 30 dB of dynamic range is standard. Measurement capability includes up to 90 dB of dynamic range. A single Cassini or RI7100C platform supports multiple 40 GHz TIMs to extend the number of available ports.

Primary applications at this time are for both long and short-range automotive radar used for steering assistance and back-up obstacle detection.

RI8564A 77 GHz TIM is a single slot module that extends the coverage of the RI8563A to 75-78 GHz focused primarily on automotive collision avoidance radar. Similar TIMs are available over bands ranging from 50 GHz to 110 GHz. The RI8564A is a single port TIM that can source or measure up to +10 dBm. In receive mode there is over 90 dB of dynamic measurement range available.

Primary applications such as 1 GB/s PANs, wireless TV/camcorder connections, embedded automotive monitoring, wireless LCD monitors and many other point to point communications applications.

Roos Instruments is currently accepting orders for either platform including both modules, which are priced competitively with bench top instrumentation. Fixture solutions are available for probe and final test.

About Roos Instruments

Founded in 1989, Roos Instruments, www.roos.com, based in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Salem, NH, Seoul, ROK and Chiba, Japan, develops, manufactures and supports characterization and production test solutions for the semiconductor industry. RI systems provide RF manufacturers the lowest "cost of test" with unmatched throughput and up-time. RI's ability to improve time to market with a unique, fast, reusable test development method provides customers with a critical benefit. RI equipment tests devices, modules and SiPs used in all forms of wireless communications. If you need to test Fiber Optic, Radio, or Microwave Integrated Circuits at production volumes and you want steady, reliable performance from a system with the highest MTBF in the industry, choose Roos Instruments to provide the fastest available ATE solution.

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