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Pod Fixture Module, DIB MEMS Switch Driver

Control Bits for Fixture DIB MEMS switch control

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Y000FEA1 - DIB Switch Driver

## low voltage control bits used with Device Connection Editor to control switched paths on the DIB or in the Fixture

Connects to DIB via Ribbon provided with RIK0309A Engage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon to access any Pod install location.

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For Programming Guide, see the document below:
Product Docs
RIK0290A Control Bits Module Application Note & Specificationshttps://roos.com/docs/RBEH-C2XTN8?Open

To Add Ri74503A MEMS Driver to the Fixture Def:
  1. Choose Apps > Device Connection Editor.
  2. Choose Fixture tab.
  3. Choose Dev Con > Load Fixture... and select the target Fixture Def.
  4. Choose Dev Con > Edit Instruments
  5. Choose Add from the right mouse button menu on the Instrument ID pane on the left.
  6. Choose Ri74503A MEMS Driver and choose OK.
  7. From the moduleMap drop down list, choose correct M# location that matches where the Pod is installed. (i.e. if the Pod is installed in slot 1, choose M1).
  8. Choose OK to close the Editing Instruments window.
  9. Edit a Fixture Path and include the desired switch string from the logic table below. (See Figure 3)
    Example: A4M2S1=0;4M2S2=1 "A" for Action command, "4M2" for the MEMS driver in Pod 4,Module 2 location, S1 for "switch 1" and "0" for OFF (open, no voltage), "1" for ON (closed, voltage).
Logic Table TODO

Figure 1: Editing Instruments

Figure 2: Selecting Ri74503A MEMS Driver

Figure 3: Similar Example: Pod Fixture Control Lines

NOTE: Actual switch commands are different from the cbits example below.

Contact Support for assembly instructions.