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W+SStandard Support Package, 1 Yr (W+S)-CASSINI
WARRANTYStandard Warranty Discount, 1 Yr-CASSINI
T-XExchange TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
T-UUpgrade TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
T-LLoaner TIMs, 1 Yr-CASSINI
SUSoftware Updates - 1 Year-RI7100A
SR20SandTek Modular Automated Test Equipment (Cassini)SR202System
SOCKET01Socket, Johnstech Pad series$00Fixture DIB Layer
S001Travel Labor & Costs for On-site System Installation & Training-CASSINI
RITSRoos Instruments Test Seconds (45 Million)RITSSystem
RIK0326AEngage Lock, DIB Pedestal Support, RectangleRIK0326A$5361Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0325AEngage Lock, Pulldown Catch DIB Clamp, Qty 1RIK0325A$2751Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0324AEngage Lock, DIB Clamp RectangleRIK0324A$8111Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0323AEngage RF Insert, 50 GHz SSMP Fixture (Side B)RIK0323A$1,45417Fixture Inserts
RIK0322ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid SSMP#12(f) - 2.4mm(m), 12"RIK0322A$683100Fixture Cables
RIK0320ASSD Replacement for EPC with ELO TouchRIK0320A$900Replacement Parts
RIK0318ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 12"RIK0318A$238Fixture Cables
RIK0316AEngage RF Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Conn & Support (DIB Side)RIK0316A$25817Fixture DIB Layer
RIK0315AOpen Fixture, Quad Top Plate & CoversRIK0315A$1,7710Fixture Top Plates
RIK0314AOpen Fixture, Tall DIB Dock Engage + SidesRIK0314A$7,7250Fixture Top Plates
RIK0313A50 GHz Calibration Kit Add-OnRIK0313A$36,7000Calibration Tools
RIK0312AV-Band, WR15 Calibration Kit Cal ServiceRIK0312A$5,232-Services
RIK0311AV-Band, WR-15 50-75 GHz, Cal Kit Add-OnRIK0311A$43,6560Calibration Tools
RIK0310AE-Band, WR12 Calibration Kit Cal ServiceRIK0310A$5,232-Services
RIK0309AEngage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbon longerRIK0309A$3700Fixture Inserts
RIK0308AEngage DC Insert, 16 pin w/ PCB ribbonRIK0308A$3600Fixture Inserts
RIK0307ABlock, FIX Power, Pod Carrier, Open Fixture$1,5300Fixture Blocks
RIK0306BEngage DC Insert, 16 pin$3570Fixture Inserts
RIK0305AOpen Fixture, Quick Lock Top PlateRIK0305A$7700Fixture Top Plates
RIK0304AOpen Fixture, Prober Engage AssyRIK0304A$3,8630Fixture Top Plates
RIK0303AOpen Carrier, Pods BackplaneRIK0303A$6750Fixture Carriers
RIK0302AOpen Fixture, Frame AssemblyRIK0302A$8500Fixture Sides
RIK0301AVirtual Workstation Network ApplianceRIK0301A$2,045-Replacement Parts
RIK0300ASN Chip Wire Length Adjustable 4 Wire (1ea.)RIK0300A$135-Fixture Accessories
RIK0298ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-MCX(m), 20"RIK0298A$11018Fixture Cables
RIK0297AE-Band WR-12 70-87 GHz, Cal Kit Add-OnRIK0297A$43,7070Calibration Tools
RIK0293BBlock, 80 GHz Dual RR-12 E Band$1,5502Fixture Blocks
RIK0293ABlock, 80GHz Dual RR-12 E Band$1,0900Fixture Blocks
RIK0290BPod Fixutre Module, C-Bits (24)RIK0290B$4790Fixture Modules
RIK0290AC-Bits Fixture PodRIK0290A$4800Fixture Modules
RIK0289APod Module, 2 Dual SP4T RF SwitchesRIK0289A$1,5100Fixture Modules
RIK0287ABlock, FET Pulser Bulk Power TIMRIK0287A$7300Fixture Blocks
RIK0286ABlock, Diag/Cal, High Power Supply/Pulser TIMRIK0286A$1,1400Calibration Tools
RIK0285AMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate (Numeric)RIK0285A$1,0000Fixture Top Plates
RIK0284ARF Cable, Conform, SMA(m)-SMA(m), 11"RIK0284A$7023Fixture Cables
RIK0283BAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 LaunchRIK0283B$7900Fixture Cables
RIK0283AAdapter, WR-12 WG to RR-12 LaunchRIK0283A$7900Fixture Cables
RIK0280ARF Cable, Flex, SMA(m)- MCX(m), 14"$13018Fixture Cables
RIK0279AMatrix Fixture, Quad DIB ClampRIK0279A$6800Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0278AMatrix Fixture, Quad Pedestal SupportRIK0278A$1500Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0277AMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate (Alpha+Numeric)RIK0277A$1,0200Fixture Top Plates
RIK0276AKeyboard Tray, Aux RackRIK0276A$4600Replacement Parts
RIK0275ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DSub 25 pinRIK0275A$405Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0274ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DSub 15 pinRIK0274A$4015Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0273ARF Insert, 20 GHz SSMP Calibrate (Side A)RIK0273A$6109Calibration Tools
RIK0272AAdapter, SMA(f)-N(f)RIK0272A$3505Fixture Cables
RIK0271ASoft Dock Resource Plate, N-Type ConnectorRIK0271A$4017Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0270ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Large Corner FillerRIK0270A$209Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0269ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Small Corner FillerRIK0269A$209Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0268ASoft Dock Center RailRIK0268A$2200Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0267BParallel Handler POD (RI8517B) + 15' RIFL CableRIK0267B$3,1800Fixture Control PODs
RIK0267AParallel Handler POD + 15' RIFL CableRIK0267A$3,1800Fixture Control PODs
RIK0266ASerial Handler POD (RI8516B) + 15' RIFL CableRIK0266A$3,0800Fixture Control PODs
RIK0265AGPIB Prober POD (RI8579B) + 15' RIFL CableRIK0265A$3,2700Fixture Control PODs
RIK0264AGPIB Instrument POD (RI8502B) + 15' RIFL CableRIK0264A$3,2711Fixture Control PODs
RIK0263AGPIB Handler POD (RI8552B) + 15' RIFL CableRIK0263A$3,1201Fixture Control PODs
RIK0262AQuickLock, 2 piece 2 Site DUT Clamp, Seiko/EpsonRIK0262A$2700Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0261AQuickLock, Center Bar Support 80mm PitchRIK0261A$2700Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0260BQuickLock, Dual DUT Support, Seiko/EpsonRIK0260B$7300Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0260AQuickLock, Dual DUT Support, Seiko/Epson, 4 screwRIK0260A$7100Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0259AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson, 8 screwRIK0259A$7101Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0258ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ #12(f)-SMA(m), 12"RIK0258A$15043Fixture Cables
RIK0257AMMPX Connector Extraction ToolRIK0257A$7100Fixture Accessories
RIK0256ADriver Board, Ribbon Cable, 20" (Qty 1)RIK0256A$310Fixture Modules
RIK0255ADriver Board for Fixture Switches & AttenuatorsRIK0255A$2357Fixture Modules
RIK0254AAttenuator, Fixture 20 GHz 31dB in 1dB stepsRIK0254A$3,3402Fixture Modules
RIK0253AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, ReflectiveRIK0253A$2,7704Fixture Modules
RIK0252AMatrix Carrier Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or Attenuator RIK0252A$501Fixture Modules
RIK0251ABottom Plate Mount, 20 GHz Pin Switch or AttenuatorRIK0251A$3002Fixture Modules
RIK0250AHi IP3 SP4T Pin Switch 20 GHz, AbsorptiveRIK0250A$2,9604Fixture Modules
RIK0249ABlock, Diag/Cal, Device Power TIMRIK0249A$5606Calibration Tools
RIK0248ARF Cable, Conform, SSIS(m)-SMA(f), 3.4"RIK0248A$17016Fixture Cables
RIK0247ARF Cable, Flex, SSIS(m)-SMA(m), 11"RIK0247A$22030Fixture Cables
RIK0246ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 12"RIK0246A$140100Fixture Cables
RIK0245A40GHz Calibration Kit Cal ServiceRIK0245A$5,080-Services
RIK0244ACassini 16 Test Head Double Counter-weightRIK0244A$9200Fixture Accessories
RIK0243ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 16"RIK0243A$2205Fixture Cables
RIK0242ACassini 16 Test Head Single Counter-weightRIK0242A$4700Fixture Accessories
RIK0241AQuickLock, Pedestal Support, Rasco QuadRIK0241A$5900Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0240AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Rasco QuadRIK0240A$1,1004Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0239AQuickLock, Pedestal Support, Pin AlignedRIK0239A$6701Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0238ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(m)-90° MCX(m), 12"RIK0238A$10012Fixture Cables
RIK0237BRF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 2"RIK0237B$3108Fixture Cables
RIK0237ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 2"RIK0237A$2702Fixture Cables
RIK0236AMatrix Carrier Extra, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + CableRIK0236A$1,0500Fixture Carriers
RIK0235AMatrix Fixture, Benchtop Rear Resource Mounting PlateRIK0235A$600Fixture Sides
RIK0234AMatrix Fixture, Benchtop Side Resource Mounting PlateRIK0234A$300Fixture Sides
RIK0233AMatrix Fixture, Side Plate, Bench-topRIK0233A$9080Fixture Sides
RIK0232AAdapter, FR Softdock, SMA(f)-(f) BulkheadRIK0232A$4023Fixture Cables
RIK0231ARF Cable, Conform, 90° SSMP(f)-90° SSMP(f), 5"RIK0231A$22010Fixture Cables
RIK0230ARF Cable, Conform, 2.9K(m)-90° MMPX(m), 16"RIK0230A$24012Fixture Cables
RIK0229ASoft Dock Resource Plate, D-Sub 50 pinRIK0229A$505Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0228ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Single BlankRIK0228A$2014Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0227ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Double BlankRIK0227A$207Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0226ASoft Dock Resource Plate, BNC x2RIK0226A$405Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0225ASoft Dock Resource Plate, SMA x 8RIK0225A$403Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0224ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DVB/High PowerRIK0224A$404Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0223ASoft Dock Resource Plate, DC Pogo BoardRIK0223A$2204Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0222ASoft Dock Resource Plate, Serial Number (x4)RIK0222A$901Fixture Resource Plates
RIK0220ADual SPDT High TOIP 6GHz Switch (1 Module)RIK0220A$70012Fixture Modules
RIK0218A6 GHz High TOIP SP4T Dual Switch (1 Module)RIK0218A$1,1600Fixture Modules
RIK0217CMatrix RF Insert, 20 GHz SSMP (Fixture Side)RIK0217C$68017Fixture Inserts
RIK0217BMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP (Fixture Side)RIK0217B$6807Fixture Inserts
RIK0217AMatrix Fixture Insert, 20 GHz SSMP (Fixture Side)RIK0217A$6500Fixture Inserts
RIK0216AMatrix DIB Insert, 20 GHz SSMP DIB Launch (Side A)RIK0216A$1403Fixture DIB Layer
RIK0215AQuickLock, Pedestal Support$55014Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0214BMatrix Fixture, QuickLock Top PlateRIK0214B$6906Fixture Top Plates
RIK0214AQuickLock Top Plate, Matrix Fixture$6800Fixture Top Plates
RIK0213CQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/EpsonRIK0213C$1,0400Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0213BQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson, 8 screwRIK0213B$7300Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0213AQuickLock, DUT Clamp, Seiko/Epson$7100Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0212AMatrix RF Insert, 15 GHz, 3 tab, SMA, QuickLockRIK0212A$18040Fixture Inserts
RIK0211ABlock, RF SMA Bulkhead for AUX portsRIK0211A$6006Fixture Blocks
RIK0210ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-SMA(m), 8"RIK0210A$9010Fixture Cables
RIK0209ARF Cable, Conform, .086, 90° SSMP(GPPO)(f)-SMA(m), 9"RIK0209A$34022Fixture Cables
RIK0208ARF Cable, Conform, .086, SSMP(f)-SMA(m), 7"RIK0208A$40021Fixture Cables
RIK0206ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(m)-90° MCX(m), 13"RIK0206A$9013Fixture Cables
RIK0205ATIM Replacement HandleRIK0205A$3800Replacement Parts
RIK0204AThread-locking fluid, Fixture Assembly (1 tube)RIK0204A$109Fixture Accessories
RIK0203BDual SP4T RF Switch DC - 20GHz (Single Module)RIK0203B$2,5603Fixture Modules
RIK0203ADual SP4T RF Switch DC - 20GHz (Single Module)$2,0000Fixture Modules
RIK0202ABlock, FIX 65A Carrier & Device Power TIMRIK0202A$6005Fixture Blocks
RIK0201BBlock, FIX to RIFL Carrier, 16"RIK0201B$4309Fixture Blocks
RIK0201ABlock, FIX to RIFL Carrier, 13 ModulesRIK0201A$3300Fixture Blocks
RIK0200AMatrix Carrier, RIFL (6KB), 13 ModulesRIK0200A$1,0204Fixture Carriers
RIK0199BSN Chip Wire Length Adjustable 4 Wire RIK0199B$806Fixture Accessories
RIK0199AFixture SN Chip (ESN) with 4-wire Harness (2 ea)RIK0199A$2600Fixture Cables
RIK0198BBlock, Waveguide mmWave W12, 8 PKZRIK0198B$1,1504Fixture Blocks
RIK0198ABlock, Waveguide mmWave MountRIK0198A$4900Fixture Blocks
RIK0197ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-.085 SMA(m), 11"RIK0197A$1706Fixture Cables
RIK0196ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-SMA(m), 18"RIK0196A$2805Fixture Cables
RIK0195ARF Cable, Flex, SMA(m)- MCX(f), 7"$9035Fixture Cables
RIK0194ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 7"RIK0194A$12023Fixture Cables
RIK0193ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(f)-MCX(f), 7"$14010Fixture Cables
RIK0192ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12" (qty 10) RIK0192A$1600Fixture Cables
RIK0191ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 8" (qty 10) RIK0191A$1604Fixture Cables
RIK0190ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4" (qty 10)RIK0190A$1604Fixture Cables
RIK0189AAC Coax Cables, 1x3 Shielded, Twisted Pair, 16" (qty 2)RIK0189A$3002Fixture Cables
RIK0188AFixture Harness 40 cond 18" 2ea. for RI7100ARIK0188A$500Fixture Cables
RIK0187BBlock, Carrier Passive Carrier 18"RIK0187B$1,0400Fixture Blocks
RIK0187AFixture Power & Control Cassini 12"RIK0187A$3800Fixture Blocks
RIK0186ARI7100A, Fixture VI Harness, 16"RIK0186A$1400Fixture Blocks
RIK0185AAdapter, MCX(m)-SMA(f)RIK0185A$6022Fixture Cables
RIK0184ARF Cable, Flex, MCX(m)-DIN(f), 15"RIK0184A$23410Fixture Cables
RIK0183ARF Cable, Flex, SSIS(m)-90° MCX(m), 15"RIK0183A$18017Fixture Cables
RIK0182BFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plateRIK0182B$5200Fixture Sides
RIK0182AFixture Side Covers ( Panels / Plates ) for 12 RF size Top plate$3100Fixture Sides
RIK0181ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m), 16"RIK0181A$23022Fixture Cables
RIK0180ARF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 18"RIK0180A$1100Fixture Cables
RIK0179ARF Cable, Conform, .086, Spec. #12(f)-SMA(m), 8"RIK0179A$4401Fixture Cables
RIK0178BFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 16 slot, Basic Assembly RIK0178B$1,0369Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0178AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 16 slot, Basic Assembly RIK0178A$8100Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0177AFixture Bottom Plate, Cassini 8 slot, Basic Assembly RIK0177A$7502Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0176AFixture Bottom Plate, RI7100, Basic AssemblyRIK0176A$1,9300Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0175BMatrix Carrier, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + FIX 16" BlockRIK0175B$1,5961Fixture Carriers
RIK0175ACarrier, RIFL (B7A), 5 Modules + FIX BlockRIK0175A$1,4101Fixture Carriers
RIK0174AFixture SN Chip with Harness (2ea.)$700Fixture Accessories
RIK0173AFoot Stop AUX rackRIK0173A$1550Replacement Parts
RIK0172ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-K(m), 12"$29040Fixture Cables
RIK0171ARF Cable, Conform, 2.9K(m)-90° MMPX(m), 14"RIK0171A$2701Fixture Cables
RIK0170ARF Cable (Coax,Confrm,#12F special-SMAM,8") QTY 1$2100Fixture Cables
RIK0169BRF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 8"RIK0169B$21043Fixture Cables
RIK0169ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 8"RIK0169A$1500Fixture Cables
RIK0168ABlock, RF Block, 16 PKZRIK0168A$28034Fixture Blocks
RIK0167BBlock, 40 GHz RF TIM, Cal/DiagRIK0167B$9907Fixture Blocks
RIK0167ABlock, 40GHz RF TIM, Cal/DiagRIK0167A$9900Calibration Tools
RIK0166BBlock, FIX Pwr, Cbits and S/N pins (2 rows, No RIFL)RIK0166B$42010Fixture Blocks
RIK0166ABlock, FIX Pwr, Cbits and Serial Number (2 rows)$2400Fixture Blocks
RIK0165AFixture Docking Ears - Intest Interface (1 pair)RIK0165A$1,7500Fixture Docking
RIK0164AMatrix Fixture, Side Plates, Large QuadRIK0164A$8201Fixture Sides
RIK0163AMatrix Fixture, Basic Top PlateRIK0163A$9510Fixture Top Plates
RIK0162AUSE 178A++ - Cassini 16-Slot Diagnostic/Interface Plate$3,7300Fixture Accessories
RIK0161ABlock, RF Assembly 16RF with 4 Cables - Cassini$5700Fixture Blocks
RIK0160ACarrier, Active (6KA), 13 Modules, MatrixRIK0160A$7100Fixture Carriers
RIK0159AMatrix Fixture, Sides 8 Slot / 7100RIK0159A$9080Fixture Sides
RIK0158ARF Cable Kit (#12F - #12F 8" Conformable, 6 Pieces)$9000Fixture Cables
RIK0157ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG 18" (40 pieces)RIK0157A$4705Fixture Cables
RIK0156ADIB RF Launch, 40 GHz, MMPX SMT w/ Saddle ClampRIK0156A$20911Fixture DIB Layer
RIK0155BRF Cable Kit (16" #12F-MMPX, Flex, 90° 2 Cables)$2600Fixture Cables
RIK0155ARF Cable Kit (14" #12F-MMPX, Flex, Rt Angle 2 Cables)$4300Fixture Cables
RIK0154ARF Cable, Conform, PKZ#12(f)-90° MMPX(m) ,16" (qty 5)$6400Fixture Cables
RIK0153BMatrix Fixture, Side Plates, Cassini 16 SlotRIK0153B$9406Fixture Sides
RIK0153AMatrix Top Plate Assembly Cassini 16 (w/ sides & carrier) - EXPIRED$1,9700Fixture Top Plates
RIK0152BMatrix Fixture, Quad Top Plate, Pedestal Support & Clamp$1,5000Fixture Top Plates
RIK0152AFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad, Intest Compatible$1,5000Fixture Top Plates
RIK0151BCassini 16-Slot Diag/Cal Interface KitRIK0151B$6,2900Calibration Tools
RIK0151ACassini 16-Slot Interface KitRIK0151A$3,6900Calibration Tools
RIK0150A20/40 GHz Calibration Standards KitRIK0150A$40,0880Calibration Tools
RIK0149A18 GHz Calibration Standards KitRIK0149A$36,0740Calibration Tools
RIK0148ADigital Coax Cables, 1x2 , (qty 5)RIK0148A$2104Fixture Cables
RIK0147ADigital 40 Pogo Pins (1 Module)RIK0147A$5209Fixture Modules
RIK0146ABlock, Digital TIM, 40 Pins with CablesRIK0146A$1,1808Fixture Blocks
RIK0145AMatrix Fixture, Cassini 8 TIM Bottom Plate Assembly$3,0900Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0144ABlock, Device Power TIM, DC Pins (2x5 x7)RIK0144A$8772Fixture Blocks
RIK0143BUse RI0K168A - RF Block Assem 16RF, Fixed Cabling - Cassini$3900Fixture Blocks
RIK0143AUse RIK0168A - RF Block Assembly 16RF (Fixed)$3500Fixture Blocks
RIK0142ABlock, Digital TIM, 120 Pins with CablesRIK0142A$2,4400Fixture Blocks
RIK0141ABlock, Digital TIM, 80 Pins with CablesRIK0141A$2,2930Fixture Blocks
RIK0138AMatrix RF Insert, 6 GHz, Dual MCXRIK0138A$90032Fixture Inserts
RIK0137AMatrix Digital Insert, 20 pin, Coax RibbonRIK0137A$6708Fixture Inserts
RIK0136AMatrix Fixture Insert, Rail Dual DC Pogo, 2x16pin$3000Fixture Inserts
RIK0135CMatrix DC Insert, 16 pin, Shroud, 0.02 in TallerRIK0135C$35076Fixture Inserts
RIK0135BDC Insert, 16 pin, with ShroudRIK0135B$1900Fixture Inserts
RIK0135ADC Insert, 16 pinRIK0135A$1901Fixture Inserts
RIK0134BFixture Top Plate, Matrix Quad Site$1,2400Fixture Top Plates
RIK0134AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assembly Quad Site (w/Sides)RIK0134A$3,6400Fixture Top Plates
RIK0133AMatrix Fixture, 16 TIM Bottom Plate Assy. Kit$3,2500Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0132ACoax Driver Buffer ModuleRIK0132A$1,5000Fixture Modules
RIK0131ACassini RF (BVD) - Dual SMA, 48"RIK0131A$8904Replacement Parts
RIK0130ACassini 8-Slot Interface KitRIK0130A$4,9601Calibration Tools
RIK0129AFixture DUT Clamp Kit, 20RF Fixture Seiko EpsonRIK0129A$7202Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0128ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 12"+18" (qty 30&30)RIK0128A$6700Fixture Cables
RIK0127AHigh Speed Digital Scan Module KitRIK0127A$5,3300Fixture Modules
RIK0126BRI7100A Virtual Workstation & OS LicenseRIK0126B$1,768-Replacement Parts
RIK0126ACassini Virtual Workstation & OS LicenseRIK0126A$1,443999Replacement Parts
RIK0125ACassini Installation & CalibrationRIK0125A$8,752-Services
RIK0124GPower Cord, 3-Pin IP44RIK0124G$1000Replacement Parts
RIK0124FPower Cord, C19 - Free, Stripped End (No Plug)RIK0124F$600Replacement Parts
RIK0124EPower Cord, NEMA SI32, ISRAELRIK0124E$1500Replacement Parts
RIK0124DPower Cord, NEMA CEE7-7, EUROPERIK0124D$800Replacement Parts
RIK0124CPower Cord, NEMA BS546, CHINARIK0124C$1100Replacement Parts
RIK0124BPower Cord, NEMA L6-20RIK0124B$900Replacement Parts
RIK0124APower Cord, NEMA 5-20, USA, Taiwan RIK0124A$601Replacement Parts
RIK0123AMatrix Fixture, Single DUT Clamp & Support KitRIK0123A$1,4400Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0122AUse 145A - Matrix Fixture, Small Cassini Bottom Plate$3,0900Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0121AMatrix Fixture, RI7100 Bottom Plate Assembly$3,7500Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0120BMatrix Fixture, Top PlateRIK0120B$7500Fixture Top Plates
RIK0120AMatrix Fixture, Top Plate Assy w/ Carrier & Sides$1,6900Fixture Top Plates
RIK0119AMatrix Fixture, Dual DUT Clamp & Support KitRIK0119A$1,6705Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0118AMatrix RF Insert, 12 GHz, Center, 1 Tab, Dual SMARIK0118A$40024Fixture Inserts
RIK0117AMatrix RF Insert, 10 GHz, Single SMARIK0117A$2308Fixture Inserts
RIK0116AMatrix Fixture Insert, DC, Rail dual, 2x12 pinRIK0116A$2300Fixture Inserts
RIK0115AMatrix Fixture Insert, single pogo insert, 12 pin$1300Fixture Inserts
RIK0114AFixture Top Plate, Dual Insert with Dut Clamps$4,2800Fixture Top Plates
RIK0113AWF Cable, Flex, DIN(f)-90° MCX (m), 15" (qty 5)RIK0113A$1,1708Fixture Cables
RIK0112ABar Code Scanner, USBRIK0112A$2330Replacement Parts
RIK0111ALoad (DUT) Board Evaulation and RepairRIK0111A$1,8700Fixture Repair
RIK0110AFixture Evaluation and Repair ServiceRIK0110A$12,160-Services
RIK0109ARI7100A Gold Support (SU, ME, FRP, TRS, ETS)$43,760-System Support Options
RIK0108ARI7100A Silver Support Package (SU, ME, FRP, TRS)$34,270-System Support Options
RIK0107ARI7100A Basic Support Package (SU, ME, FRP)$26,520-System Support Options
RIK0106AFactory Module Calibration (FMC) - Quick Cal$1,265-System Support Options
RIK0105AHigh Pass Filter (1 Module)RIK0105A$1,6900Fixture Modules
RIK0104AFixture, Cassini 8 Port EngineeringRIK0104A$13,2800Fixtures
RIK0103CUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RF$5100Fixture Blocks
RIK0103BUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 16RF$5100Fixture Blocks
RIK0103AUse RIK0168A - Cassini RF Block Assembly 8RF$5100Fixture Blocks
RIK0102ARF Cable, Semi-Rigid, PKZ#12(f)-PKZ#12(f), 4" (qty 2)RIK0102A$3708Fixture Cables
RIK0101BRF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$7600Fixture Cables
RIK0101ARF Cable Kit (18" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$2,0200Fixture Cables
RIK0100BRF Cable, Flex, PKZ#12(f)-MCX(m), 12" (qty 6)RIK0100B$9100Fixture Cables
RIK0100ARF Cable Kit (12" #12F-MCXM, 6 cables)$9100Fixture Cables
RIK0099ADC Block Pin Repair KitRIK0099A$8221Fixture Repair
RIK0098A8 TIM Cassini Calibration KitRIK0098A$23,6400Calibration Tools
RIK0097ACassini Infrastructure Spare Parts (LG & SM)RIK0097A$22,6300Replacement Parts
RIK0096AFixture, Cassini 8-Port, 20/30RF$11,0900Fixtures
RIK0095BAC Switch Matrix 8x24RIK0095B$1,8005Fixture Modules
RIK0095AAC Switch Matrix 8x24RIK0095A$1,4700Fixture Modules
RIK0094AFixture Large 30 Coax DUT Clamps, Dual SiteRIK0094A$8308Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0093AFixture Small 12 Coax DUT Clamps, Single SiteRIK0093A$7301Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0092AFixture Step Attenuator, 0-36db, 4 StepRIK0092A$2,1909Fixture Modules
RIK0091CFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF with Pogo ToolRIK0091C$1,1700Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF$2,5200Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0091BFixture, Pedestal Support 30RFRIK0091B$2,5200Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0091AFixture, Pedestal Support 30RF$1,5600Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0090AFixture, Pedestal Support 20RF (Seico Epson)RIK0090A$2,0481Fixture Pedestal Support & Clamps
RIK0089A1x8 Terminated Switch Module (1 Module)$1,1900Fixture Modules
RIK0088AFixture MUX, 1x32, 2x16 (1 Module)RIK0088A$9403Fixture Modules
RIK0087AAdvanced High BW Diff. I/O Buffer ModuleRIK0087A$2,1648Fixture Modules
RIK0086ADelta M1688 Allignment Pins$9031Fixture Docking
RIK0085A20 RF Test Fixture Top Plate (Replacement)RIK0085A$4,5100Replacement Parts
RIK0084ACarrier, Active (65A), 20 RF Top PlateRIK0084A$1,5901Fixture Carriers
RIK0083APogo Alignment Tool, 20RFRIK0083A$1500Fixture Repair
RIK0082A18 GHz Calibration Kit Cal ServiceRIK0082A$3,912-Services
RIK0081AFixture, Bench-Top 20RF, Active Carrier$5,8900Fixtures
RIK0080BRF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX 90°, 6 Cables)$8900Fixture Cables
RIK0080ARF Cable Kit (15" SSISM to MCX, 6 Cables)RIK0080A$8900Fixture Cables
RIK0079ADual Boot Laptop$11,1900Replacement Parts
RIK0078ADual Monitor System Controller$12,9000Replacement Parts
RIK0077BDual Fixture Diff Amp, HS, w/o Comm Mode Cont.$8500Fixture Modules
RIK0077AHigh BW Diff. I/O Buffer Module$8500Fixture Modules
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair$2,0800Fixture Repair
RIK0076AFixture Fixed Price Repair$2,0800Fixtures
RIK0075AFixture, Bench-Top Single Site$3,7100Fixture Top Plates
RIK0074CFixture, 20RF$8,9900Fixtures
RIK0074BFixture, 20RF$8,9900Fixtures
RIK0074AFixture, 20 RF (use 74B)$8,6700Fixtures
RIK0073ARF Cable, Conform, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 3" (qty 3)RIK0073A$28019Fixture Cables
RIK0072BRF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)RIK0072B$3706Fixture Cables
RIK0072ARF Cable, Flex, 90° MCX(f)-SMA(m), 5" (qty 6)$6003Fixture Cables
RIK0071ARI7100A Fixture POGO KitRIK0071A$1500Fixture Repair
RIK0070AHandler Docking PlateRIK0070A$8,9000Fixture Docking
RIK0069ARI Small Handler Dock (Single Site)RIK0069A$7,3200Fixture Docking
RIK0068AFixture Docking Ears - Standard (1 pair)RIK0068A$1,6102Fixture Docking
RIK0067ADut Boards, unpopulated (fab)$2,8101000Fixture Accessories
RIK0066ADut Boards, custom loading$6,1901000Fixture Accessories
RIK0065AStandard Single Site DUT Board Design$11,2501000Fixture Accessories
RIK0064AInternational Support Upgrade, 1 Year$3,060-System Support Options
RIK0063BEngineering Technical Support, 50 hrs (ETS)$11,510-System Support Options
RIK0063AEngineering Tech. Support Upgrade, 50 Hrs (ETS)RIK0063A$2,550-Services
RIK0062AProduction Technical Support, 1 Year (PTS)RIK0062A$7,650-System Support Options
RIK0061ARI7100A Universal Softdock Fixture$11,6770Fixtures
RIK0060AMaintenance Technical Support, 1 Year (MTS)RIK0060A$10,200-System Support Options
RIK0059A2.5 GHz Fixture Step Attenuator / LNA$6700Fixture Modules
RIK0058BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (1 Module)RIK0058B$5903Fixture Modules
RIK0058ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SPDT (2 Modules)$1,1800Fixture Modules
RIK0057APogo Pin Spares for RI7100A Test HeadRIK0057A$79013Replacement Parts
RIK0056BSwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)RIK0056B$7300Fixture Modules
RIK0056ASwitch 6 GHz Dual SP4T (1 Module)$1,0600Fixture Accessories
RIK0055ASPDT High Pass Filter (1 Module)RIK0055A$1,0601Fixture Modules
RIK0054BDivider 3 GHz/ SPDT Switch (1 Module)RIK0054B$1,8905Fixture Modules
RIK0054ADivider 3 GHz/ SPDT switch module(1 Module)$1,0600Fixture Accessories
RIK0053BFixture Cbits Controller (1 Module)RIK0053B$5501Fixture Modules
RIK0053AFixture Cbits Controller (2 Modules)$1,0600Fixture Modules
RIK0052ARF Cable Kit (3.4" SSIS(M) to SMA(F) 6 cables)$8600Fixture Cables
RIK0051ARF Cable, Conform, SMA(m)-SMA(m), 11" (qty 5)RIK0051A$3100Fixture Cables
RIK0050ASoftware Subscription, 1 Year (SU)$10,460-System Support Options
RIK0049ADelay Line Discriminator Module$3,2600Fixture Modules
RIK0048ASystem Evaluation, 1 VisitRIK0048A$11,000-Services
RIK0047AOn Site Repair Maintenance, 1 Year (OSM)RIK0047A$11,026-Services
RIK0046ARI7100A Hardware Repair Labor, 1 EventRIK0046A$2,940-Services
RIK0045ARI7100A Factory Replacement Parts, 1 yr (FRP)RIK0045A$20,660-Services
RIK0044AFast Ship Module Exchange, 1 year (ME)$10,200-System Support Options
RIK0043BPreventive Maintenance & Cal, 1 visit (PMC)RIK0043B$8,900-System Support Options
RIK0043ACassini Calibration & Preventive Maintenance (USA)RIK0043A$5,460-Services
RIK0042CMTS moved to RIK0060ARIK0042C$10,200-System Support Options
RIK0042BPTS moved to RIK0062A$7,650-System Support Options
RIK0042ARI7100A Standard Support Package, 1 yr (PTS,ME,SU)$26,520-System Support Options
RIK0041BRI7100A Technical and Repair Support, 1 yr (TRS)$15,380-System Support Options
RIK0041ARepair Support via Phone/Email/Web, 1 yr (PSR)RIK0041A$8,570-System Support Options
RIK0040CGuru Admin Training (Online)RIK0040C$900-Training Courses
RIK0040BCassini Online Basic TrainingRIK0040B$1,250-Training Courses
RIK0040ATest System Training Class (6 students)$45,020-Training Courses
RIK0039BHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)RIK0039B$1,2900Fixture Modules
RIK0039AHigh Voltage Buffer Module (1 Module)RIK0039A$8500Fixture Modules
RIK0038ACassini Diagnostic Training Class per Person$3,190-Training Courses
RIK0037AAdvanced Training per Person$3,190-Training Courses
RIK0036ARI Signal Generator, 20 GHzRIK0036A$46,9400Replacement Parts
RIK0035AFixture Top Plate, 12 RFs (DELTA)RIK0035A$3,2600Fixture Accessories
RIK0034ARF Application Kit (LNA, Mixer, IQ Mod & Demod)RIK0034A$3,5600Applications
RIK0033BRF Cable Kit (11" SSISM-SMAM, 5 Cables)RIK0033B$8400Fixture Cables
RIK0033ARF Cable Kit (11" SSIS(M) to SMA, 5 Cables)RIK0033A$8400Fixture Cables
RIK0032ARI7100A Diagnostic kitRIK0032A$5,3600Calibration Tools
RIK0031ACalibration Boards, Multi-site Fixture$1,6100Calibration Tools
RIK0030ACarrier board Pogo alignment tool - RI7100ARIK0030A$1100Fixture Accessories
RIK0029BFixture, Dual Site 12 RF$8,2100Fixtures
RIK0029AFixture, Dual Site 12 RF$7,9800Fixtures
RIK0028ACalibration DUT Boards, 12 Port RI7100A FixtureRIK0028A$4,7205Calibration Tools
RIK0027ARF Cable Kit (SSIS to SMA, 7", 5 Cables)RIK0027A$7900Fixture Cables
RIK0026B6 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)$1,0601Fixture Modules
RIK0025ADaymarc 717 Docking Hardware$21,4200Docking Hardware
RIK0024ARI7100A CAM Assembly (1 Assembly)RIK0024A$5,4600Replacement Parts
RIK0023ARI7100A Calibration KitRIK0023A$25,1200Calibration Tools
RIK0022ARI7100A Cal Kit **Obsolete**$10,1700Calibration Tools
RIK0021AFixture Ramps (Gen I cam assembly), 1 pair RIK0021A$17015Fixture Accessories
RIK0020AFixture Ramps (Contoured), 1 pairRIK0020A$7800Fixture Accessories
RIK0019BRI7100A System Controller + OS Lic.RIK0019B$8,5730Replacement Parts
RIK0019ARI7100A System Controller w/ Monitor, OS and Lic.RIK0019A$11,1900Replacement Parts
RIK0018BFixture, RI7100A EngineeringRIK0018B$2,3562Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0018ATest Fixture Engineering Plate - RI7100 $1,7100Fixture Accessories
RIK0017AHigh Speed Serial Digital Module Kit (1 Module)$3,1603Fixture Modules
RIK0016ARI7100A On-site Service Parts Kit$10,0900Replacement Parts
RIK0015ADifferential I/O Module Kit (1 Module)$8505Fixture Modules
RIK0014BCarrier, Active (4VB), RI7100A, 12 RF TopRIK0014B$4,3400Fixture Carriers
RIK0014AActive Carrier Assembly Kit (1 Carrier)$1,2800Fixture Accessories
RIK0013BCarrier, Passive w/o harness, RI7100A, 12 RF Top$6000Fixture Carriers
RIK0013APassive Carrier Assembly, RI7100A$6000Fixture Accessories
RIK0012BRI7100A 12 RF Fixture Top PlateRIK0012B$3,4600Fixture Top Plates
RIK0012ATest Fixture Top Plate Assembly 12RF$2,8400Fixtures
RIK0011CUniversal Test Top Plate$00Fixture Accessories
RIK0011BUniversal Test Fixture - RI7100$11,2500Fixtures
RIK0011AUniversal Fixture Top Plate$00Fixture Accessories
RIK0010AFixture Top Plate, old$00Fixtures
RIK0009AAdapter, SMA(f)-SSIS(m) (qty 5)RIK0009A$1,0506Fixture Cables
RIK0008AAdapter, SMA(f)-MCX(f) (qty 5)RIK0008A$4700Fixture Cables
RIK0007BDC Jumper Wires, 28AWG 4"+8"+12" (qty 20 ea)RIK0007B$64011Fixture Cables
RIK0007ADC Jumper Wires, 28AWG, 4"+8" (qty 20+20)RIK0007A$8300Fixture Cables
RIK0006B2.5 GHz RF Switch Modules Dual SPDT (2 ea)$1,0600Fixture Modules
RIK0006ASwitch 2.5 GHz Dual SPDT (2 ea)$9400Fixture Modules
RIK0005ARF Cable, Conform, 90° MCX(f)-90° MCX(f), 7" (qty 5)RIK0005A$3900Fixture Cables
RIK0004BTest Fixture Bottom Assembly$2,5800Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0004ATest Fixture Bottom Assembly$2,3600Fixture Bottom Plates
RIK0003AFixture Bottom Assy for GEN I and GEN II$1,7200Fixtures
RIK0002AWF Cable, Flex, DIN(f)-90° MCX(m), 12" (qty 5)RIK0002A$4700Fixture Cables
RIK0001BRF Cable Kit (12" SSIS(M) to MCX 90, 6 cables) -> use 80B$8600Fixture Cables
RIK0001ARF Cable Kit (12" SSISM to MCX 90, 6 Cables)$8600Fixture Cables
RI8610ATest Set - 86-110 GHz RR-10, 2 Ports 1 Path TIM-CASSINI
RI8609ACassini System Controller, WindowsRI8609A-CASSINI
RI8608ACassini System Controller, LinuxRI8608A-CASSINI
RI8607ATest Set - 2-50 GHz SSMP#12, 2 Port TIMRI8607A-CASSINI
RI8606AInfrastructure - Cassini SPYDER, 16 TIM SlotsRI8606A-CASSINI
RI8605ASource Switch 2x8, 20 GHz TIMRI8605A-CASSINI
RI8604ATest Set - 70-86 GHz RR-12, 2 Ports 1 Path TIM-CASSINI
RI8603APower Amplifier, Generic TIMRI8603A-CASSINI
RI8602ARF Measure, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12-CASSINI
RI8601ASource, 71-86GHz Mixer (IF required), WR12-CASSINI
RI8599ACassini 16 Development UI with Adjustable ArmsRI8599A-CASSINI
RI8597ACassini Development Desktop User Interface-CASSINI
RI8596ARF Measure - 24 GHz DSP Receiver w/ LO TIM-CASSINI
RI8595BPower Amplifier, 0.7-6 GHz, 20W Max TIMRI8595B-CASSINI
RI8595APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7 GHz, 30W NominalRI8595A-CASSINI
RI8594BTime Domain Meas. (Waveform + LNC) TIM-CASSINI
RI8594ATime Domain Meas. (HP Waveform) + Low Noise Clk-CASSINI
RI8593AEPC, Cassini Spyder Controller TIM-CASSINI
RI8592APower Amplifier TIM, 0.7-2.7GHz, 16W NominalRI8592A-CASSINI
RI8591AInfrastructure - Cassini SPYDER, 16 TIM SlotsRI8591A-CASSINI
RI8590AGround Isolator for Handler PodsRI8590A-CASSINI
RI8589CHigh Power Supply/Pulser TIMRI8589C-CASSINI
RI8589BHigh Power Supply/Pulser TIM-CASSINI
RI8589A5High Power Supply/Pulser TIM-CASSINI
RI8589AHigh Power Supply/Pulser TIM-CASSINI
RI8588ATest Set - 1 Port, 68-76 GHz WR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8587ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver w/ DSP TIM (Req. LO)-CASSINI
RI8586ASource - 25 GHz Microwave Signal Generator TIM-CASSINI
RI8585ATime Domain Meas. (Hi Perf Waveform) + Low Noise Clk-CASSINI
RI8584AAuxiliary Instrument Rack TALL (Custom)-CASSINI
RI8583ACassini 16 Production Touchscreen Monitor & ArmRI8583A-CASSINI
RI8582ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz, w/ NFRI8582A-CASSINI
RI8581ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver TIM, non-DSP (Req.LO)-CASSINI
RI8580BTest Set - 50-70 GHz, RR-15, 2 Ports 1 Path TIM-CASSINI
RI8579BGPIB Prober POD, IsolatedRI8579B-CASSINI
RI8579AGPIB Prober CardRI8579A-CASSINI
RI8578ADigital Advanced Pins-CASSINI
RI8577A20 GHz Combiner with Amp/Attenuator TIM-CASSINI
RI8576BAuxiliary Instrument Rack (Custom)RI8576B-CASSINI
RI8576AAuxiliary Instrument Rack - OLD Short (Custom)RI8576A-CASSINI
RI8575APhase Noise Measure, 16 GHz TIM-CASSINI
RI8574ACassini System Controller, ArcaOS EPC TIMRI8574A-CASSINI
RI8573ATest Set - 1 Port, 50-58 GHz WR-15 TIM-CASSINI
RI8572ATime Domain Measurement (HP Waveform)-CASSINI
RI8571ATesthead 16 Slot SAC16-CASSINI
RI8570AEPC, Windows for DUT ControlRI8570A-CASSINI
RI8569ARolling Workstation Cart-CASSINI
RI8568CInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8568BInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8568AInfrastructure - Cassini 16-CASSINI
RI8567BTest Set and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6/12 GHz TIM-CASSINI
RI8567ATestset and RF Measure - 2 Port, 6 GHz TIM-CASSINI
RI8566A4 Source Combiner with Source - 20 GHz-CASSINI
RI8565ATestset - 4 Ports, 20 GHz with Pulse-CASSINI
RI8564CTestset - 1 Port, 71-86 GHz WR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8564BTestset - 1 Port, 75-81 GHz WR-12 TIM-CASSINI
RI8564ATestset - 1 Port, 77 GHz Test Head-CASSINI
RI8563CTest Set - 4-40.5 GHz, 2 Ports 1 Path TIMRI8563C-CASSINI
RI8563BTestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 4-40.5 GHz -CASSINI
RI8563ATestset - 2 Port 1-Path, 20-40 GHz -CASSINI
RI8562AI/Q Source Amp Combiner-CASSINI
RI8561AVideo Analyzer-CASSINI
RI8560ACassini Dual Source/Amp Combiner-CASSINI
RI8557AInfrastructure - Large Cassini-CASSINI
RI8556BInfrastructure - Small Cassini-CASSINI
RI8555ASource - 6 GHz Source with Amp AttenuatorRI8555A-CASSINI
RI8554ASource - 20 GHz Source with Amp AttenuatorRI8554A-CASSINI
RI8553ARF Measure - 20 GHz Receiver (& RecLO)-CASSINI
RI8552B0Handler Interface Pod - GPIB (Isolated)RI8552B0-CASSINI
RI8552BHandler Interface Pod - GPIB (Isolated)RI8552B-CASSINI
RI8552AHandler Interface Pod - GPIBRI8552A-CASSINI
RI8551AEPC (Embedded PC), Controller for Cassini Sm/Lg-CASSINI
RI8549ATesthead 8 Slot RI7100CRI8549A-CASSINI
RI8547ATestset - 2 Port, 6 GHz Test HeadRI8547A-CASSINI
RI8546BDevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)RI8546B-CASSINI
RI8546ADevice Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC)RI8546A-CASSINI
RI8545CTest Set - 20 GHz, 4 Port TIMRI8545C-CASSINI
RI8545BTestset - 4 ports, 20 GHz Test HeadRI8545B-CASSINI
RI8545ATestset - 4 ports, 12 GHz Test HeadRI8545A-CASSINI
RI8542ALow Phase Noise Source and Measure, 6 GHzRI8542A-CASSINI
RI8536A0Source: Amp Attenuator-CASSINI
RI8535B440 Pin FSPU Digital TIMRI8535B4-CASSINI
RI8535B220 Pin FSPU Digital TIMRI8535B2-CASSINI
RI8535B140 Pin FSPU Digital TIMRI8535B1-CASSINI
RI8535B080 Pin FSPU Digital TIMRI8535B0-CASSINI
RI8535B-8080 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B-4040 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535B-2020 Pin FSPU Digital TIMRI8535B-20-CASSINI
RI8535B-120120 Pin FSPU Digital TIM-CASSINI
RI8535BUniversal Digital, 80 Pins TIMRI8535B-CASSINI
RI8535AFSPU Digital TIM (40/80/120)RI8535A-CASSINI
RI8528BRF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverRI8528B-CASSINI
RI8528ARF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverRI8528A-CASSINI
RI8521CTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)RI8521C-CASSINI
RI8521BTime Domain Measurement (Waveform)RI8521B-CASSINI
RI8521ATime Domain Measurement (Waveform)RI8521A-CASSINI
RI8517AHandler Interface Pod - ParallelRI8517A-CASSINI
RI8516BHandler Interface Pod - Serial with Opto-IsolationRI8516B-CASSINI
RI8508CSource - 6 GHz Microwave Signal Generator TIM RI8508C-CASSINI
RI8508B6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM RI8508B-CASSINI
RI8508A6 GHz Digitally Modulated Signal Generator TIM RI8508A-CASSINI
RI8502B0GPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II) IsolatedRI8502B0-CASSINI
RI8502BGPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II) IsolatedRI8502B-CASSINI
RI8502AGPIB Instrument Pod I/0 (RIFL II)-CASSINI
RI8002ARF Pulse Profiling-CASSINI
RI8001AHigh Power X Band Amplifier Module-CASSINI
RI7725CSource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator-CASSINI
RI7725BSource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal GeneratorRI7725B-CASSINI
RI7725ASource - 20 GHz Microwave Signal GeneratorRI7725A-CASSINI
RI7323ARF Measure - 20 GHz ReceiverRI7323A-CASSINI
RI7269ASrc 1/2 Combiner, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz Amps, 3db PadRI7269A-CASSINI
RI7261ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, No AmpsRI7261A-CASSINI
RI7260DSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsRI7260D-CASSINI
RI7260BSource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsRI7260B-CASSINI
RI7260ASource 1/2 combiner module, Aux2 in, Dual 6GHz AmpsRI7260A-CASSINI
RI7100A_RITSRequires RI7100A Fixture interface-RITS
RI7100ARFIC ATE System-System
PTSProduction Technical Support - 1 Year-RI7100A
PSRPhone Support for Service & Repair - 1 Year -RI7100A
PMPCPreventive Maintenance & Calibration - 1 Visit, RI7100A-RI7100A
PEDESTALSPedestal Designs$1,5300Fixture DIB Layer
PA-CASSINIPower AmplifiersPA-CASSINIApplication
OSROn Site Repair - 1 Year-RI7100A
MR5CCB1AServer Rack with Local Admin (KVM, Switch,Routing)-GURU-SRV
MEFast Ship Module Exchange - 1 year-RI7100A
HNDPLATECustom Adapter Plate for RI Large Handler DockHNDPLATE$2,710-Fixture Docking
GURU-SUSoftware Updates for Guru System, Additional Year-GURU-SRV
GURU-SRVGuru Server and 1 Yr SupportGURU-SRVSystem
GURU-HWHardware Warranty Extension for Guru System, Additional Year-GURU-SRV
FRPFactory Replacement Parts - 1 year-RI7100A
FIXTUREFixture - the Custom Testhead-CASSINI
ETSEngineering Technical Support Upgrade - 50 hrs-CASSINI
CUSTOMCo-development with Customer IP-CASSINI
CASSINI_8Requires CASSINI TIMs & 8 port Fixture interface-RITS
CASSINI_16Requires CASSINI 16 TIMs w/ 16 port Fixture Interface-RITS
CASSINICassini Modular Automated Test EquipmentCASSINI2System
CAS004ASystem Integration of TIMs and Cal FixtureCAS004A-CASSINI
BACK-CASSINIBase station or Backhaul (High Power)BACK-CASSINIApplication
AUTO-CASSINIAutomotive RadarAUTO-CASSINIApplication
5G-CASSINI5G Devices5G-CASSINI-Application
4G-CASSINI4G (LTE, WiMAX) Devices4G-CASSINIApplication
038AGuru Client-RI7100A
037ALow Loss for Source1/Support for 2 Auxillary Inputs-RI7100A
036ADPVP (Parametric Measure for DP Lines)-RI7100A
035AParallel Port (for local Printer)-RI7100A
034AVCC7 and VCC8-RI7100A
033ALRM On-Wafer Calibration Support-RI7100A
032AAdd Counter/Timer to H.S. Dual Digitizer-RI7100A
031AAssurance of Quality (AOQ) Test Methodology-RI7100A
030A230V 50-60 Hz Single Phase (International)-RI7100A
029AHigh Speed Dual Digitizer Upgrade-RI7100A
028ASource 2 routed to RF8-RI7100A
027ABar Code Scanner-RI7100A
026AHigh Speed Dual Channel ARB Upgrade-RI7100A
025Extend Frequency Range to 12 GHz-RI7100A
024CIM Cell Interface Software-RI7100A
023Bit Error Rate (BER) Measurement Capability-RI7100A
022Low Phase Noise Receiver LO Upgrade-RI7100A
021Database Server System-RI7100A
020Source Code for Test System Software-RI7100A
0192nd Mixer LO Stimulus Source (RF Source 4)-RI7100A
018High RF Output Pwr and RF Atten for Src 3-RI7100A
017On-site Service Parts Kit-RI7100A
016Dual RF Atten & Combiner Module Src 3 & 4-RI7100A
015Ping Pong Multi-site Testing-RI7100A
014Extend Frequency Range to 20 GHz-RI7100A
013Additional High Current Bias Supply Lines-RI7100A
012Extended Low Current Capability for DBVP-RI7100A
011R56 GHz Digital Modulation Signal Generator-RI7100A
011R44.4 GHz Digital Modulation Signal Generator-RI7100A
011B6.0 GHz Digital Modulation Generator-RI7100A
011A2.75 GHz Digital Modulation Signal Generator-RI7100A
010Adjacent Channel Power Measurements-RI7100A
009RF Pulse Profiling/Time Domain-RI7100A
008High RF Input Power for RF 6 (+40 dBm )-RI7100A
007High RF Output Power for Primary RF Src-RI7100A
006BFrequency & Phase Modulation On Src 1-RI7100A
006AAmpl. & Freq. Modulation On Src 1-RI7100A
006Ampl. Freq. & Phase - RI7710G Src-RI7100A
005Time Domain Capability-RI7100A
004Mixer LO Stimulus Source (RF Source 3)-RI7100A
003Intermod Measurement Capability (incl. RF Source 2)-RI7100A
002Wafer Test Executive-RI7100A
001Production Test Options (incl. parallel handler pod)-RI7100A

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