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Roos Instruments, Inc has been awarded three patents for their ground breaking work on Millimeter Wave device connection methodologies that make high accuracy testing of S-parameters up to 110 GHz in production finally possible. Through waveguide based high density routing and path switching, low loss test fixtures for multi-port millimeter wave device testing is a reality. Finally production test at millimeter wave frequencies of up to 32 channel per device are now realizable and enable the high volume manufacturing of the next generation of ADAS Radar and Communication devices.

The first patent is for a High Density Blind Mate Waveguide Connection Flange usable in the WR-15, WR-12 and WR-10 waveguide frequency bands above 50 GHz, enabling an unprecedented number of connections within a small footprint.

The second patent is for a Reciprocating SP4T Millimeter Mechanical WaveGuide Switch that utilizes the High Density Blind Mate Waveguide Connection Flanges and provides over 40 dB of isolation and typically less than 4 dB of insertion loss at 80 GHz.

The third patent is for a Conformable Waveguide having a Obround cross-section, as well as a tool and methodology for manually conforming to allow connections at 10x lower loss that coax at the same frequencies.

Roos Instruments, Inc. has been providing precision high speed analog/mixed signal/RF and mmWave ATE systems for over 30 years. The future-proof Cassini line of ATE systems have been shipping since 2007 and incorporate a fully configurable TIM based modular architecture that can meet the needs of any IC, wafer or module test requirement. Cassini provides the end user maximum performance at a low cost of test, while providing the industry's fastest test times.

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