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The Cassini 16 Infrastructure and TIMs should be shipped in a RI provided crate and packing material. A System Evaluation is required to bring the system back under support if it has been relocated. If using RI loaned tools and equipment, please return all tools to RI by including them in the crate and then after unpacking, return the items in the 5x TIM box (with supplied TIM foam). Prepare a wooden crate to RI specifications attached below. Power must be available to adjust the Test Head once the system is loaded into the crate.

On a system with more than 10 TIMs, the table will prevent TIM boxes from be inserted under the Testhead, so it may have to be removed anyway to fit all the TIMs in the crate. The 5x TIM box uses the standard TIM foam inserts in between each TIM (up to 5), but is equivalent to 4 standard TIM boxes in height. Securing the Testhead when loading the tester into the crate also requires special attention and requires a custom power adapter and extension cord after loading into the crate. Also, please make sure appropriate shipping arrangements for any Fixtures on site, see Shipping a Cassini Fixture.

If an AUX Rack is used, protect any Remote TIMs in bubble wrap and then wrapping the AUX Rack assembly in shrink wrap. Also, if an AUX Rack table is attached, it may have to get removed before wrapping up the AUX rack. The front of the AUX rack faces left in the crate and the shelf can be attached if it fits under the Testhead in the crate, only if it is installed on the left side of the AUX rack.

IMPORTANT: Never ship a Cassini 16 with TIMs installed, including EPC TIM.

IMPORTANT: Always secure the Test Head, the manipulator arm is not designed to support the Test Head when being transported.

Crate Design W1MFFHHB:
W1MFFHHE 1 OF 3 Cassini 16 crate .pdfW1MFFHHE 2 OF 3 Cassini 16 crate .pdfW1MFFHHE 3 OF 3 Cassini 16 crate .pdf
Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding design or packing.

Equipment Needed:
  • Cassini 16 Crate (made with Nematode-Free wood), Shipping Weight: 750-850 lbs. (385 Kg) - W1MFFHHB
  • Large Plastic Bag marked "Tester" (to cover whole infrastructure)
  • AUX Rack Strap (only if short AUX rack)
  • Bubble Wrap and protective foam for AUX Rack Remote TIMs
  • Foam pad(s) for AUX Rack/Testhead
  • Extra Foam Blocks, Foam Sheets (for stability) for securing boxes in crate
  • QTY ____ 5x TIM Box (5 TIMs loaded in one box, standard foam packing material, 5x TIM anti-static bags)
  • QTY ____ 1x TIM Box (with standard foam packing material, TIM anti-static bag)
  • Box for Handler POD and cables
  • QTY1 Box for Monitor with 1" packing foam, QTY 1 Box for Keyboard/Mouse/Network cables (optional - workstation)
  • Foam pad(s) for Production Touchscreen Arm (optional - production)
  • Box for Testhead counterweights (optional)
  • 3x Metal Straps for securing crate (optional - International Shipments ONLY)

Tools Needed:
  • Box Tape & Tape Gun
  • Shrink wrap plastic Roll & Dispenser
  • Power Cord Adapter (Custom made NEMA 20 to NEMA 15)
  • Extension Cord (NEMA 15, standard US)
  • 7/32 Allen Wrench (optional - for removing Test Head counter weights)
  • Metal Band crimp and cutting tools (optional - International Shipments ONLY)

  • This "Preparing a Cassini 16 System for Shipping" document.
  • Unpack Instructions in shipping envelope (to attach to outside of crate)
  • Testhead TIM Block Labels for Interface plate (if needed)
  • Laminated Testhead Diagram (if needed)
  • TIM T-Location Labels (if needed)
  • List of Items to Return to RI

Cassini 16 Infrastructure can be shipped by following these instructions:
  1. Prepare the correct number of 5x TIM and 1x TIM boxes depending on the number of TIMs in the system, including the EPC TIM. The RI8545 or RI8565 20 GHs 4 Port Testhead TIMs and RI8574 EPC TIM require 1x TIM box because of it's 1.5x width, all other TIMs can be placed in either box size. Prepare any additional boxes as needed to safely transport Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, Handler POD, cables, etc. When packing 5x TIM per box, be sure to include 1" of foam between each TIM.
  2. Undock from Handler/Pober and remove Fixture. (See Shipping a Cassini Fixture) Place Handler POD, RIFL Cable and Handler Cable in a box.
  3. Identify the TIM locations and Attach T-Location stickers if not already labeled. Remove all TIMs from the Test Head and place each TIM in anti-static bag and secure packaging provided by RI. (1" foam on all sides).
  4. If an Auxillary Rack is attached, disconnect the AUX Remote TIMs from the Testhead, leave all cables connected to the Aux rack. Wrap the Auxillary TIMs in protective material (shrink wrap) and place on top of the Aux rack until ready for packing. Depending on the location of an optional keyboard shelf, it may be necessary to remove the shelf. When placing in the crate, pack TIMs along the side of the rack under the shelf. NOTE: The Shelf could be installed on any side, but the AUX rack can only be loaded in to the crate in two ways. The shelf may have to be removed prior to preparation if it is on the front (instrument face places) or back (door) of the rack.
    VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: https://youtu.be/XN_NZOQLJiM
  5. Prepare the Diagnostic Kit with Interface place and all necessary cables and adapters (contact [email protected] for details). Attach provided Testhead stickers if needed. (Both Diag and Calibration Kit will be required on the receiving end.)
  6. Adjust Test Head arm about half way up, rotate and lock the Test Head position facing down (180 degrees).
  7. (OPTIONAL) Remove any Test Head counter weights and position counterweight arm to it's shortest position. Use two people and 7/32 Allen wrench to safely remove counterweights.
  8. Position the Test Head in "Maint Locked Position" position and pull the plug "up" to lock position.
  9. Shutdown the System Controller following standard shutdown procedures and switch the system power OFF.
  10. If "Development Workstation" display option is used, disconnect all cables from the system controller including Monitor, mouse/keyboard, and network. Secure Monitor in a safe box, remove base if applicable. Place keyboard and mouse into any suitable box. If the "Production Touchscreen" option is used, Do NOT disconnect any cables. Carefully position the monitor arm and secure with Foam and plastic wrap.
  11. Remove the EPC TIM. To remove the EPC TIM, pull the release lever on the bottom to hold by the upper and lower side handles and remove from the EPC slot. Place in an anti-static TIM bag and place in 1x TIM Box.
  12. Disconnect the Power Cable from wall, leave all power distribution switches and the Main Breaker ON. Secure Handler Ground cable to the Infrastructure with some plastic wrap (do not use box tape on the Infrastructure).
  13. Open the hinged crate door by unlatching and lowering door to create a ramp. DO NOT Disassemble sides of crate.

  14. Load Auxiliary Rack into the crate first, secure with foam blocks. Hook AUX Rack strap into eye bolts and strap down so it's snug. Place a sheet of foam above the AUX rack.

  15. Load Infrastructure into crate by using the handles, do not put pressure on the Test Head arm or blue ball.
  16. Stabilize the Test Head by reattaching power, moving the power switch to ON, and lower the Test Head arm to rest on the protective foam divider by pressing DOWN to compress about 1/4 of foam thickness. The infrastructure should not wobble. If the AUX Rack is not present, use wooden spacer.
  17. Lower Feet (screw all the way down) to secure the Cassini 16.
  18. Secure Large Plastic Bag around the TOP of the Infrastructure if it was not already bagged. A broomstick can be helpful for pushing the far corner of the bag around the system.
  19. Load Diagnostic Kit, TIM Boxes, and accessory Boxes around the Infrastructure. 5x TIM box can be safely placed on top of arm. Be sure to include any RI provided packing tools to Return to RI.
  20. Place the wooden block and tighten with wing nuts across the top of the Cassini 16 handles. The infrastructure should now be secure in the crate.
  21. Close the crate door, secure the 6 door latches. Attach Unpack Instructions to the outside of the crate along with Packing List/Shipping Documents. (International shipments require metal bands to be strapped around the crate. See image in step 13.)
  22. If not packed in the crate, please return ship all loaned tools (labeled with "Property of RI") to "Roos Instruments, 2285 Martin Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA".

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