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System Evaluation, 1 Visit

Required if System ownership has been transferred, system has been relocated, or lapse in support contract.

Part Number: RIK0048A


A System Evaluation is required when service has lapsed for longer than 1 year, the system has been relocated, or the title of the system has been transferred. Does not include travel and per diem cost.

A system evaluation also includes a calibration and the estimated time per system evaluation is 2 days but it could take longer depending on repairs required or problems discovered during the calibration process. This includes on site labor as well as factory support engineering labor. On site labor for necessary repairs is included in the price, but the cost of parts required for repairs is NOT included. Charges for shipping Calibration Kit and replacement parts will be billed separately.

Services performed during a system evaluation.
1. Check all instrument connections, including all AC mains cables for wear.*
2. Check and reset system reference clock if drifted.
3. Perform a vibration test to find any loose coax connections.*
4. Inspect, for damage and wear, Testhead to Fixture interface.*
5. Check manipulator for safety and wear. Adjust manipulator as required for alignment.
6. Run all TIM diagnostics to check DC, RF and Microwave components for problems. Diagnose any problems to the TIM level. All required factory support is included.*
7. Replace any parts that have failed or show extreme wear and are close to failure.
8. Perform complete calibration. RI maintained Calibration Kit is used for the calibration.
9. Gather a set of instrument information for future off site support.
*NOTE: For items 1,3,4, 6: These steps are required to determine which of the coax interconnects has come loose. These loose connections will cause intermittent failures over time, and they are very hard to detect and repair prior to failure