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Use "ADI Production" or "ADI Dev 20.3.32B" (or later) for performing any RF Calibrations. Patch 325-71 Spring 2020 Updates (2021-08-28) introduced a bug when loading the calibration kit into the Tester Configuration. The primary error is that the ENR of the noise standard did not load correctly. This bug was fixed in Patch 325-78 Spring 2020 Updates (2021-10-12) and is included with Short Cut named "ADI Dev 20.3.32B" and later.

Symptom: The effect of this bug is that the noiseFigure instrument will measure incorrectly if an RF System Calibration was performed with a Short Cut that includes that affected patch. Testplans with noiseFigure "cold noise" MEAS buttons are not affected. When a Cal Kit is added to a configuration, the default Cal Kit values are used instead of the actual. This is visible by inspecting the SN attribute of any of the instruments and '111111' represents the default value.

Severity: LOW - "Hot Noise", "Noise Gain" and "Noise Figure" Measurements may be inaccurate after a Calibration is Performed with an Affected Short Cut. (See Figure 2)

Scope: Shortcuts 'ADI Dev 20.3.30' (2021-09-22) and 'ADI Dev 20.3.31' (2021-09-23) ARE affected. Cal data generated between 2021-09-22 and today would be affected if the Noise Cal service plans were run with the identified Short Cuts active. Only "50 GHz" Config-5 systems currently requires ADI Dev 20.3.31+ because the new model RI8586 Source1, Source2, and RI8587 Receiver instruments. This issue does NOT affect RF System calibrations performed with ADI Production (based on ADI Dev 20.3.15-6) or targeted stand-alone TIM Cals and all DC TIM Cals. It is possible that one tester that was recently updated to Config-5 and not used in production could be affected. Contact RI Support for assistance evaluating possible impact on tested DUTs on affected systems.

Completed Actions:
    A. The steps To Identify Affected Systems was performed to identify affected systems. As of 2021-10-20, 4 systems have been identified and No Systems Have Are Affected because ADI Production Short Cut was used to perform the calibration. (Performed on 10/19/2021)
    B. Notify Service Managers and Calibration Technicians about this issue. Use "ADI Production" before performing any RF Calibrations. Follow the stepsTo Perform "Valid" Noise Calibration on any Cassini tester. (Performed on 10/20/2021)
    C. Follow the stepsTo Import the "Fixed" Short Cut (Confirmed done on 10/29/2021) Since "ADI Dev 20.3.32B" replaces all "ADI Dev ... B" Short Cuts, the steps to obsolete the affected Short Cuts do NOT need to be implemented.

The affected calibration data is stored with the Testhead instrument contained in the RI8545 20 GHz TestSet TIM (ri.sys.ObjClass=RiInstrumentCal, ri.sys.Model=Ri8545B). These steps to identify affected systems assume the ADI Calibration procedure implements the standard recommendation to always launch the latest available Dev Short Cut prior to running calibrations. If this is not the case and "ADI Production" is used before performing a Cal, then these steps can be safely skipped and we can be confident that any calibrations performed between 2021-09-22 and today are not likely affected. Other than during this specific issue, RI strongly recommends updating the ADI Calibration Procedure to use the latest Dev Short Cut for Calibrations. Unfortunately, active Short Cut title is not logged in any instrument cal data information, however it is included with a RiSimulationDef or RiErrorLog, but not in the RiCalLog and not included in the ri.sys.CalSet attribute.

To Identify Affected Systems:
    1. From any connected Guru (Tester or Cassini VM), choose Apps > Guru Browser.
    2. Choose RiInstrumentCal from the drop down list below Key1, ri.sys.ObjClass.
    3. Choose ri.sys.Model from the Key2 drop down list.
    4. Choose Ri8545B from the drop down list below ri.sys.Model.
    5. Click with the left mouse button on any entry dated after 2021-09-22 and date before the first "valid" Noise Calibration was performed.
      Note: Noise calibrations before before this date are valid.
    6. Identify the Serial Number of the Tester used to calibration this TIM by looking at the ri.sys.Owner attribute value. The common tester name should alos appear in the ri.hw.CalSet attribute value.
    7. For each Tester identified in the previous step, add the date of the calibration to a table and follow the steps To Perform "Valid" Noise Calibration below.
    8. Repeat these steps for each Guru Server. (see note in step 1)
    9. Report your findings to RI Support ([email protected]) and include the target dates that the "valid" Noise Cal will be performed. (Identified 6 systems, confirmed was using ADI Production and is not affected.)

To Perform "Valid" Noise Calibration:
    1. Choose Short Cuts > ADI Production or Short Cuts > ADI Dev 20.3.32B (or later).
      Note: As of 2021-10-15, "ADI Production" is based on ADI Dev 20.3.15-6 (-6 represents 6 hot patches for critical fixes) and is NOT affected by this issue. Recently shipped TIMs may require the latest ShortCut, but this NoiseFigure cal does not and ADI Production is suitable when using RI7725 Sources.
    2. Follow the steps below To Confirm Currently Cassini (Short Cut) is NOT Affected.
    3. From the Cal Kit, prepare the Noise Source for use by attaching the DC power leads and 20 GHz Amp to the Diag/Cal FIX block.
      A valid RiCalKit object with correct ENR tables and calibrated Noise Source with AMP is required. (See also Product DocsUpdating Coefficients of Standards used in a Cal Kit Definition on Cassini)
      Note: Start a Warm up timer for at least 20 minutes.
    4. Choose System > Tester to open the Configuration window.
    5. Choose System > Calibrate to open the Cal Exec.
    6. Choose Options > Select Cal Kit and choose the appropriate RiCalKit object listed.
    7. After Noise Source warm-up period has elapsed, highlight the following 9 service plans and choose Run > Selected: (See Figure 1)
    8. Close Calibration Exec, secure Cal Kit items and release to production.

To Confirm Running Cassini (Short Cut) is NOT Affected:
    1. From the Cassini application, choose Options > Show Patches menu.
    2. Scroll down to GF10RC2A.325-## and confirm that ## is lower than "71" or greater than "77". In other words, patch GF10RC2A.325-70 or patch GF10RC2A.325-78 are OK.
    3. Close the Patches dialog.
    4. It is OK to perform a calibration with the active Cassini application.

To Import "Fixed" Short Cut:
    1. Download Short Cut "ADI Dev 20.3.32B" containing Patch 325-80 Spring 2020 Updates (10/27/21)
    2. Choose Apps > Guru Browser, choose the Guru Import List tab.
    3. Choose Get Import Files and select the .gzp downloaded in step 1 and choose Import to add to the list.
    4. Choose Import to complete importing the new Short Cut.
    5. Close Guru Browser.

To Obsolete Affected Short Cuts:
    1. If Guru is already logged in, choose System > Logoff.
    2. Choose LogOn and enter admin credentials.
    3. Choose Apps > Guru Explorer.
    4. Choose RiShortCut under Key1, ri.sys.ObjClass pull down menu.
    5. Highlight the ADI Dev 20.3.30B and ADI Dev 20.3.31B by holding the CTL button and left clicking on each entry.
    6. Choose Obsolete Object(s) from the right mouse button menu to make them no longer be visible on the Short Cuts list. (Will not affect systems with currently running Cassini application.)
    7. Close Guru Explorer.

Figure 1: Noise Cals to Select
Not Pictured: Ri8545B-RI8545B_RF7_Validate_Noise_DirectCain_12

Figure 2: noiseFigure Meas affected

NOTE: "Cold Noise" MEAS button is not affected.

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