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The following pdf file contains viewable pictures. To view them, double-click on the icon. Then, when the 'view-launch-detach' window appears, select 'launch'.

Source12 Module.pdf

Misc. Notes:

1) The step attenuators go in easier if first the switches are mounted and the little U-shaped cables are installed.
2) 9/99, we now use a different plastic piece to loop the switch wires. It is solid and holds the wires better.
3) There is a pdf file with pictures of the M96JBB1A amp assembly. It is in a separate document in this database.
Hide details for Origional picturesOrigional pictures
The following files are the jpg files from which the above pdf file was made. These files only are needed if the pictures are edited. Note that normally these would be Adobe Photoshop 5.0 files, but this was Ray's first try at pictures and the photoshop files are gone. If a file is edited, be sure to re-insert the picture into the pdf file.

Source12 Module OverView1.jpgSource12 Module Closeup3.jpgSource12 Module Closeup4.jpgSource12 Module Closeup5.jpg
Source12 Module Closeup6.jpgSource12 Module Closeup7.jpgSource12 Module Closeup8.jpgSource12 Module Closeup2.jpg

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