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Proper packaging of the ROOS Test Instrument Module (TIM) will prevent damage and improve response time for your replacement. Please follow the Return Instructions to be issued a RMA number to place on the outside of the box. Due to the large amount of shock experienced during shipping and the thin, flat nature of TIMs, each TIM should be individually boxed with the original foam packaging it arrived in. You should return a TIM in the original packaging or using your own packaging.

Note: The Infrastructure TIMs (Source) must be shipped using "Packaging Instructions for 20 GHz Synthesizers" because they are so heavy.

TIM Packaging
  1. Open box so TIM "head" (notch) is facing to the left. Two screws should be visible from the TOP. Make sure foam padding is below and around TIM.

  2. Place foam padding on TOP of TIM and close box

Your Own Packaging

Use a box of at least 26 in x 20 in x 8 in (66 cm x 51 cm x 20 cm) outside dimensions.

Securely pack with at least 3 inches ( 7 cm ) of compressible polyethylene foam packing or bubble wrap around all surfaces of the TIM.

Additional packing instructions can be found on-line. UPS: How to Prepare for Shipment

You can contact [email protected] if you have any questions. You may reorder original packing materials directly from Roos Instruments.

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