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These instructions will help prepare the Large Cassini (RI8556A) Infrastructure for shipment. Keep Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Handler POD and cables ON-SITE, DO NOT return with shipment. Note: All pics can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_8v0C62VWTrVTJBTnJvYlZCTlk/view?usp=sharing

For maximum Weight and Dimensions, see Site Preparation Guidelines for RI7100A, RI7100C and CASSINI.

Prepare crate for ground or air shipment, photos and drawings of the crate needed for the Cassini test system. Tools Required
Crate for Large Cassini (see above)
5mm Allen (for Testhead removal and to raise stability foot)
    Packing Instructions
    1. If applicable, detach the handler and remove all connections to the handler including Handler Pod and grounding cable.
    2. Unlatch Fixture (See Fixture Care, Maintenance and Shipping)
    3. Properly power down Cassini (close RI System Software, Shut Down operating system and then turn power switch to OFF position)
    4. Disconnect main power cable and green grounding wire wrap inside the rack.
    5. Remove the TIMS from the testhead and pack securely, any infrastructure TIMs can be left installed. (See Maintenance - Exchanging Cassini Modules)
    6. Raise anti-tip infrastructure feet a few inches to allow easy loading into crate. (4mm Allen)
    7. Remote the testhead from the arm with 4 screws closest to the arm and secure to rack. (See pics) Raise arm to highest location. Blue tape uysed for alignment is not required.
    8. Wrap system with plastic. (See pics below)
    9. Load tester into crate then use lift bar to secure in crate. After loading infrastructure into crate, place any TIMs in open spaces.
      UNPACK 1.jpgDSC00178.JPG

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