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After an Exec with the "Auto-Save Lot Summary Report" option enabled, and Error dialog appears with a "CreatePS error" <ID> message as seen in Figure 1. Press Abort to continue.

Figure 1: CreatePS error Dialog
Machine generated alternative text:
CreatePS error 16r8207C 

The error is created when the software is unable to generate a Lot Summary Report. This can happen if the PDF Writer software is not installed or properly configured or if a default printer is not selected. While all tester EPCs come with the PDF Writer installed, not all Virtual Workstations have this feature.

Disable Auto-Save Lot Summary Report in the Exec
  1. Select the Test Exec from the Test > Edit Package Execs... dialog by filtering the list by selecting Type, Device and/or Version, highlighting the desired Exec and choosing the select button.
  2. Click on the "Auto-save Lot Summary report" in the Options list.
  3. Click Ok button to save changes.

Install PDF Writer

See Installing PDF Writer in eComStation https://roos.com/docs/JBAT-8Z826V

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