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Interface Board for Anritsu 68000 Source

Part Number: Y0002EA1

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1C11C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
2C13C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
3C14C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
4C15C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
5C16C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
6C17C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
7C18C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
8C2C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
9C3C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
10C5C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
11C6C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
12C7C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
13C8C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
14C9C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
15C10C761009A1Capacitor, 1 uF, 25v ACpctr
16C12C761009A1Capacitor, 1 uF, 25v ACpctr
17U1G6SSML2A1USB TransceiverIntgrtdC
18U2G6SSML2A1USB TransceiverIntgrtdC
19U6G6SSMP2A1V Reg 3.3vIntgrtdC
20J1G6SSN72A1Modular Jack, ShieldedPcbCnnct
21J2G6SZU32A1Coax Jack MCXPcbCnnct
22U7G71A7F2A1IC, Receiver, LVDS SO8IntgrtdC
23U5G7J4T72A1Memory, 16Kx8 EE X25138IntgrtdC
24U4G7P54K2A1Pal 7128SIntgrtdC
25U3G7PAZC2A1IC, Reset Chip 5vIntgrtdC
26U12G7SYMJ2A1IC, tristate, sot23IntgrtdC
27P1G7XAMJ2A1Header, 96p DIN, RTPcbCnnct
28U10G842X72A1IC, Logic, 74HC245DW SOIntgrtdC
29U11G842X72A1IC, Logic, 74HC245DW SOIntgrtdC
30U8G842X72A1IC, Logic, 74HC245DW SOIntgrtdC
31U9G842X72A1IC, Logic, 74HC245DW SOIntgrtdC
33M814BC2A2Bumper, RD .14 tallMchCmp
34R7R10100JA1Resistor, 100 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
35R4R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
36R6R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
37R1R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
38R16R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
39R2R10200JA1Resistor, 200 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
40R17R10267JA1Resistor, 267 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
41R18R10267JA1Resistor, 267 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
42R19R10267JA1Resistor, 267 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
43R5R10270HA1Resistor, 27 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
44R8R10270HA1Resistor, 27 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
45R10R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
46R11R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
47R12R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
48R13R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
49R14R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
50R15R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
51R3R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
52R9R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
53Y0002EA01Wiltron 68K InterfacePcbFb
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