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GPIB Handler POD (RI8552B) + 15' RIFL Cable

Cassini to GPIB Handler (Isolated)

Part Number: RIK0263A

Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks

Allows GPIB communications with Handler or Prober. Includes RIFL 2 to RIFL 3 cable (RI Part # GGFEH22B) but NOT GPIB cable (supplied by customer).

NOTE: DO NOT attach instruments to this GPIB interface. Always USE CAUTION when adding multiple GPIB instruments, do not exceed the maximum cable length. NEVER extend a GPIB cable by connecting two together!

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1GGFEH22B1Cable RIFL3-RIFL2 180 in metal collet*CblMsc
2RI8552B01RI8552B Handler Interface Pod - GPIB ISOLATED*RInstrmn
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