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Power VI 3 Amp

Part Number: Y00024D1

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1C29C101004A1Capacitor, 10 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
2C12C101005A1Capacitor, 100 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
3C16C101005A1Capacitor, 100 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
4C17C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
5C18C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
6C19C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
7C20C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
8C21C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
9C22C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
10C23C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
11C24C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
12C26C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
13C4C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
14C11C102204A1Capacitor, 22 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
15C28C102204A1Capacitor, 22 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
16C13C106804A1Capacitor, 68 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
17C14C106804A1Capacitor, 68 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
18C15C106804A1Capacitor, 68 pF, 50v 0603Cpctr
19C27C302208A1Capacitor, 220 nF, 16v 1206Cpctr
20C3C376808A1Capacitor, 680 nF, ACpctr
21C5C376808A1Capacitor, 680 nF, ACpctr
22C1C58220BA1Capacitor, 220 uF, 35v radialCpctr
23C2C58220BA1Capacitor, 220 uF, 35v radialCpctr
24U4G6N1L52A1Instrumentation AmpIntgrtdC
25P1G6SB692A1Module 16pin StripPcbCnnct
26P2G6SB692A1Module 16pin StripPcbCnnct
27D1G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
28D3G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
29D4G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
30U6G78NBG2A1DAC,12 bit S08IntgrtdC
31U7G78NBG2A1DAC,12 bit S08IntgrtdC
32U1G7EB032A1IC, Video Op Amp AD829IntgrtdC
33U2G7EB032A1IC, Video Op Amp AD829IntgrtdC
34U3G7EB032A1IC, Video Op Amp AD829IntgrtdC
35U5G7URC92A1IC, Buffer, National LM 1875T TO220IntgrtdC
36R1G7URCJ2A1Resistor, .25 ohms 3 Watt LeadedRsstr
38L2L70100AA1Inductor, 10 uH, 1812Indctr
39L5L70100AA1Inductor, 10 uH, 1812Indctr
40L1L90100AA1Inductor, 10 uH, 1008Indctr
42M6J2JS1A1SCREW, SEMS, 4-40 X 1/4" SSHrdwr
43Q1M7S71X2A1Relay driver sot23MscElctC
44Q2M7S71X2A1Relay driver sot23MscElctC
45K1M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
46K2M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
47K3M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
48K4M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
49K5M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
50K6M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
51K7M7SE6X2A1Reed Relay SPST smtMscElctC
52R22R10100JA1Resistor, 100 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
53R11R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
54R14R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
55R18R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
56R6R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
57R20R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
58R19R10200KA1Resistor, 2 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
59R7R10200KA1Resistor, 2 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
60R8R10301JA1Resistor, 301 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
61R12R10301KA1Resistor, 3.01 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
62R17R10301KA1Resistor, 3.01 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
63R2R10301KA1Resistor, 3.01 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
64R3R10301KA1Resistor, 3.01 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
65R9R10301KA1Resistor, 3.01 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
66R23R10422KA1Resistor, 4.22 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
67R13R10619KA1Resistor 6.19 KOhms 0603Rsstr
68R16R10619KA1Resistor 6.19 KOhms 0603Rsstr
69R15R10825KA1Resistor, 8.25 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
70R21R10909JA1Resistor, 909 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
71R4R10909KA1Resistor, 9.09 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
72R5R10909KA1Resistor, 9.09 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
73R24R60100GA1Resistor, 1 Ohms, 2010Rsstr
75Y00024D01Power VIPcbFb
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