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Calibration Kit 80 GHz add-on Cal Kit

Part Number: MRLWK91A

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1Conn to PMM6LPX11B1Vial W/Cap, 20mlMchCmp
2Conn to PMMJ7F7A3A1Waveguide, WR12 H-Bend, 90 deg 1"RadiusRF
3Conn to PMMJSS7V3A12Screw Cap Head 4-40 X 5/16 Captive Undercut for WaveguideHrdwr
4Conn to PMML5EHB1A1Waveguide, WR12 straight 1.5", MillitechRF
5Conn to PMMM9NAK6A1Case, Transit, Cassini Cal KitMchCmp
6Conn to PMMNBMA01A1RI Branded USB Stick (2GB)Cmptrs
7Conn to PMMTNC8Y1A1Power Meter, Keysight N1913A, 80GHz*InstPr
8Conn to PMMTR62W1A1Power Sensor, Agilent E8486A/100 60-90GHz waveguide, 2 yr. calInstPr
9Conn to PMMTSBBG4B1Assy, Oval138 WG, UG387-UG387 special, Calibration Loop*CblMsc
10Conn to PMMTY95R1A1Cal Standards in a plastic box, E-Band, 60-90GHz, WR12, OML*MscAssy
11Conn to PMW1MFFWTA1Waveguide, WR12, Straight, 2", UG387 Trimmed*MchFb
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:27 PM