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Calibration Kit 80 GHZ add-on Cal Kit

Part Number: MRLWK91A

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
1M6LPX11B1Vial W/Cap, 20mlMchCmp
2MJ7F7A3A1Waveguide, WR12 H-Bend, 90 deg 1"RadiusRF
3MJSS7V3A12Screw Cap Head 4-40 X 5/16 Captive Undercut for WaveguideHrdwr
4Conn to PMML5EHB1A1Waveguide, WR12 straight 1.5", MillitechRF
5MM9NAK6A1Case, Transit, Cassini Cal KitMchCmp
6MNBMA01A1RI Branded USB Stick (2GB)Cmptrs
7MTNC8Y1A1Power Meter, Keysight N1913A, 80GHz*InstPr
8MTR62W1A1Power Sensor, Agilent E8486A/100 60-90GHz waveguide, 2 yr. calInstPr
9MTSBBG4B1Assy, Oval138 WG, UG387-UG387 special, Calibration Loop*CblMsc
10MTY95R1A1Cal Standards in a plastic box, E-Band, 60-90GHz, WR12, OML*MscAssy
11W1MFFWTA1Waveguide, WR12, Straight, 2", UG387 Trimmed*MchFb
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:27 PM