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800 W, 48V MODULE W/ I2C

Cassini16 48v Power Supply

Part Number: MGGKAU1A

Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks

Power Supply for Cassini16

Infrastructure uses QTY 2 Hot Swappable Power supplies. A failed Power Supply can be "hot" swapped while the tester is running and replaced with a known good unit.

Inspect the AC POWER GOOD LED and DB POWER GOOD LED. If either is out or RED, then replace this unit ASAP.

Replace by pulling on the handle to remove the failed unit and replace with the known good unit. Contact [email protected] to request an RMA to exchange or replace.

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Opening the PSU panel is described "Power Supply Module Service Panel" in the doc below.

Advanced Troubleshooting - Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B) https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-8W5NLM