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UPSectomy Kit (adds pulizzi)

Retrofit RI7100A from UPS to Power Conditioner

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The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) used in the RI7100A was not in the tester to be a battery backup for when the power was interrupted. It was used in the RI7100A to provide 'surge protection', if the power line voltage increases or decreases too much, it will use the battery as the power source and eventually turn completely off if power was not restored. It was also used in the system to provide multiple power outlets (splitter).

The UPS has always been a bit of a problem because the batteries go bad and the 'no lead' regulations of many countries make replacing batteries and UPS' a problem. So, we started using a power conditioning unit (PCU) that provides all the benefits that we need, but does not have all the problems of the UPS. This has worked well for us.

If the UPS in the RI7100A goes bad (usually the battery stops working), there are four (4) options:
  1. The UPS can be replaced with a power strip with a 'surge protector' in it (least expensive). This can usually be done by the customer and consists of removing the power cords from the UPS, and plugging them into a customer-supplied power strip. The power strip should have a surge protector in it to protect the tester from power surges. (Estimate labor at 0.5 hours, calibration not needed.) Note: All internal plugs are NEMA 20 (US) type. (See Site Prep. Guidelines)
  2. Upgrade the RI7100A by installing the power conditioning module after removing the UPS, but do not install the EMO (Emergency Off) buttons. This should be performed by an authorized Roos service engineer. It requires them to remove the UPS, move the shelf for the testhead power supply, install the power conditioning module, and replace all the line cords. (Estimate labor at 1.5 hours, calibration not needed.) There are pictures for this at: Rack Power Conditioner Upgrade without EMO (GIGA)

  3. Install the power conditioning module and install the emergency off buttons (EMO). Holes must be drilled in the front door to install the EMO. This is all the above items plus the EMO switch/harness assembly and label. This should be performed by an authorized Roos service engineer. The holes in the door usually need to be drilled with the door on the tester, because the hose to the testhead makes the door difficult to remove. (Estimate the labor at 2.5 hours. If the RF cables are not disconnected, calibration is not needed.)
  4. Perform a full upgrade on the RI7100A. This should be performed by an authorized Roos service engineer. It requires a new door, a new side panel (to run the hose out the side instead of through the door), a new hose, and all new brackets for the hose and flexible cables. (Estimated Labor for this at 4 hours, plus a full calibration is needed, essentially 1 full day).

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