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COAX, CONFRM,.085,#12F special-#12F special 8"

Used in Diag Kit for Diag and Cal, temp use for Eng or Debug

Part Number: W1MFEJWB

Estimated Restocking Time: 4-6 weeks

Special PKZ connector that can be used with the standard RF Block on the Bottom Interface Plate used in Diag Kits to Diagnose and Calibrate a RF TIM. The connector is missing the ring required to permanently install the cable, allowing an operator to create the connection in response to operator prompts during Diag/Cal.

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1MMMFPA1A2Conn,Coax,PKZ #12F (Plug),Custom for Cal,for .085 CableCnnctr
BOM Refreshed:05/11/2020 06:25 PM