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This item will not be restocked when depleted and should be avoided for new designs.
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Aditional replacements may be found by searching for 2CAJ23A (change the REV letter) or Digitizer Input (Video Mux Board).

Digitizer Input (Video Mux Board)

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Part Number: 2CAJ23A1

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Item Ref Part Number QTY Description Category Qty in Stock
12CAJ23A01Video MuxPcbFb
2C1C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
3C10C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
4C11C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
5C12C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
6C13C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
7C14C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
8C15C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
9C16C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
10C17C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
11C19C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
12C2C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
13C20C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
14C21C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
15C22C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
16C24C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
17C25C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
18C26C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
19C27C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
20C29C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
21C30C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
22C4C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
23C5C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
24C6C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
25C7C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
26C8C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
27C9C101008A1Capacitor, 100 nF, 25v 0603Cpctr
28C3C103304A1Capacitor, 33 pF, 25v 0603Cpctr
29C32C103304A1Capacitor, 33 pF, 25v 0603Cpctr
30C33C103304A1Capacitor, 33 pF, 25v 0603Cpctr
31C34C103304A1Capacitor, 33 pF, 25v 0603Cpctr
32C23C351009A1Capacitor, 1 uF, 25v A sizeCpctr
33C18C376808A1Capacitor, 680 nF, ACpctr
34C28C376808A1Capacitor, 680 nF, ACpctr
35C3C96100AA1Capacitor, 10 uF, 25v CCpctr
36U9G6N1LE2A1IC, Logic, 74HC595 SOICIntgrtdC
37U6G6N1LM2A1-5 RegulatorIntgrtdC
38P1G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
39P10G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
40P11G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
41P12G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
42P13G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
43P14G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
44P15G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
45P16G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
46P17G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
47P18G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
48P19G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
49P2G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
50P20G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
51P21G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
52P22G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
53P23G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
54P24G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
55P25G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
56P26G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
57P27G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
58P28G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
59P29G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
60P3G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
61P30G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
62P31G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
63P32G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
64P33G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
65P34G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
66P35G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
67P36G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
68P37G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
69P38G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
70P39G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
71P4G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
72P40G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
73P5G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
74P6G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
75P7G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
76P8G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
77P9G6SWZ82A1Press In Module PinPcbCnnct
78J1G6SZU32A1Coax Jack MCXPcbCnnct
79J2G6SZU32A1Coax Jack MCXPcbCnnct
80J3G6SZU32A1Coax Jack MCXPcbCnnct
81J4G6SZU32A1Coax Jack MCXPcbCnnct
82U5G78GTN2A1Variable Gain Amp, Dual AD603IntgrtdC
83U7G78GTN2A1Variable Gain Amp, Dual AD603IntgrtdC
84U1G78GTR2A1Video Diff AmpIntgrtdC
85U2G78GTR2A1Video Diff AmpIntgrtdC
86U8G78GUA2A1DAC,12 bitIntgrtdC
87D17G78GUJ2A1Voltage Ref, 1.2vIntgrtdC
88U3G78GUL2A1Mux, VideoIntgrtdC
89U4G78GUL2A1Mux, VideoIntgrtdC
90D2G78GUP2A1Zener, 12v, sotMscElctC
91D7G78GUP2A1Zener, 12v, sotMscElctC
92D1G78GUS2A1Zener, 3.3v, sotMscElctC
93D8G78GUS2A1Zener, 3.3v, sotMscElctC
94D10G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
95D11G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
96D12G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
97D13G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
98D14G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
99D15G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
100D16G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
101D3G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
102D4G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
103D5G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
104D6G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
105D9G78GUU2A1Dual Diode, std CC sotMscElctC
106L1L40390AA1Inductor, 39 uH, axialIndctr
107L2L40390AA1Inductor, 39 uH, axialIndctr
108L3L70100AA1Inductor, 10 uH, 1812Indctr
110R27R10100JA1Resistor, 100 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
111R29R10100JA1Resistor, 100 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
112R23R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
113R26R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
114R32R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
115R33R10100KA1Resistor, 1 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
116R1R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
117R10R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
118R16R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
119R22R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
120R5R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
121R6R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
122R7R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
123R8R10100LA1Resistor, 10 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
124R31R10221KA1Resistor, 2.21 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
125R28R10301JA1Resistor, 301 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
126R30R10301JA1Resistor, 301 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
127R24R10332KA1Resistor, 3.32 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
128R25R10332KA1Resistor, 3.32 KOhms, 0603Rsstr
129R12R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
130R13R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
131R14R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
132R17R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
133R18R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
134R19R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
135R20R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
136R3R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
137R4R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
138R9R10511HA1Resistor, 51.1 Ohms, 0603Rsstr
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